Sunday, July 1, 2007


In London this weekend the weather has been shitty. Blackness in clouds and water when its like that, fuck it, im keeping it dry and staying ive been catching up on things, like dvds and youtubes...heres some stuff to watch if your bored indoors..

A cool little French made doc from 2003, looking at Larry Clark upto Ken Park. Below is Part one of see the other 5, click here

im still waiting for this and part 2 (the heavy metal years) to be re-released...but head over to ebay to cop a bootleg dvd on one of the best punk documentarys made....sadly this just a teaser

Always good to hear Hunter speak out from beyond the grave
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like watching Hendrix, you cant take your eyes off, and looks just so natural

caught up with some Argento dvds while tucked up...

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