Thursday, July 31, 2008


Ive been a fan of Raymond Teitsmas since i first saw his zine for Stick-It, but i was lucky enough to hang with him and his awesome girl Manon in Poland, and not only is he a DUDE, but after re-checking out his stuff, i had to share his goodness with all you guys...serious, check his site and have a dig round, you wont be disapointed!!!
His style until now was characterised by great painting skills, but now hes bringing out his new style and i fucking love it..he's experimenting with a simpler more graphic style, and it reminds me of some US or japanese artists and it fucking rules...Ray is an artist who aint afraid to go in new directions and thats something great and exciting, as who knows what he'll be doing in a year or five years from now...and thats awesome! one way to find out though...bookmark his website and keep checking back!



The day before i was about to start my trips to Poland and Germany, the postman brought me a KO surprise package from SERPS member MARTIN BELL...fucking hell...just when i was dashing around finishing works and packing, this came from nowhere and the book and zine inside made me sit down, stop my stressing and take in all the goodness...which resulted in me forgetting to pack a picture and some spare boxers!
I had seen MY BIRTHDAY PARTY on blogs and websites, so i was honoured and stoked to be sent a copy (THANK YOU MARTIN!) and fucking hell is it good...fucking fucking good!
The work? right up my street - old and dirty photographs, sick (in both senses) drawings, photos of his mad mad awesome installation...its all killer.
As well as the art, the book got extra smiles as it wasnt just a boring by numbers book, in that the images are dropped into some programme with no thought or, the book shines a light on how to do a book that, when you open it up you are instantly transported into HIS world - like a great installation, you are now looking at the world through his eyes, and fuck it if you like it or not!
It is a catalogue for an awesome looking installation ( which had thousands of toys, sculptures, drawings and chickens!)...but this book sums it up perfectly in that it reflects the work by being messy, raw, in your grill and it makes you feel dirty - and trust me this is a compliment!

GET this book

On top of the awesome book, there was a second KO punch to the senses that was his zine called 'Cowboys, Kittens and Vixens'...which contained a small selection of his collages and stills from films.
I dont where you would get this, but perhaps fire a mail at
The Birthday Party book contained photos and installation work, and was like a skullfuck to your head, but this zine is a more balanced affair, where the zine presented the work, rather than the book which i felt tried to bring you into his work (does that make sense?)...and it helps show that this guy aint no one trick pony, fuck it he's a goddamn herd of tricking ponies...this guy kills it in both printed matter...and i just wish he could show some work in the uk (hhhmmm...)

Martin Bell is definitly one to watch...and as a SERPS memeber, i say it again...SERPS are fucking ruling things down under and all global...If you can, and i know im full of fucking hyperbole and regularly say this, but really truly, if you can get any of these publications - dont wait a heartbeat (link back up top).

And on a Serps side related note....when worlds collide...SERPS VS HAMBURG!


While in Poland i was lucky enough to hang with superdude 108, and he kindly gave me one of these great little zines that contain his cool abstract work...try emailing him at and see if you could get one of him - if theres any left (limited of 50)! Thanks 108!


Any idea who this artist is???


So after i went to Wroclaw for OUT THE STH, i had a day in London before i went to Hamburg to catch up with good friends and to party at the opening of my mates Dave the Chimps new show....WELL DONE CHIMP!

To accompany the show, Chimp brought out a hot little zine....

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


For those that have been coming back to this blog, im really sorry there have been no updates for a long minute, but the last month has been a whirlwind of fun, which has meant away ive been away from the computer...but now im bringing back the fruit of my travels...the first being to beautiful Wroclaw, Poland for the exhibition OUT OF STH.
I was invited to go out to this great city in the east to get drunk and party ( and make a lil installation) with some amazing people. The exhibition was (to me) a whos who of amazing artists working in Europe, and it was a real honour to party hard with a big hello to everyone i was there with - artists, organisers and everyone else (Pirogi posse reppin' hard).
The following is some work from the exhibition and Im currently trying to update my website with more pics, but somethings up with my dreamweaver so please keep checking back (
PS I had never heard of Wroclaw, but it is truly one of Europes best kept secrets, so if you ever get the chance to go - dont hesitate!

and for a few of the crew....