Thursday, July 31, 2008


Ive been a fan of Raymond Teitsmas since i first saw his zine for Stick-It, but i was lucky enough to hang with him and his awesome girl Manon in Poland, and not only is he a DUDE, but after re-checking out his stuff, i had to share his goodness with all you guys...serious, check his site and have a dig round, you wont be disapointed!!!
His style until now was characterised by great painting skills, but now hes bringing out his new style and i fucking love it..he's experimenting with a simpler more graphic style, and it reminds me of some US or japanese artists and it fucking rules...Ray is an artist who aint afraid to go in new directions and thats something great and exciting, as who knows what he'll be doing in a year or five years from now...and thats awesome! one way to find out though...bookmark his website and keep checking back!



rimrimrim said...

nice works !
(your link doesn't work…)

THE DILLY said...

rimrimrim your right about the link - now fixed
thanks for the headsup!