Wednesday, October 31, 2007


sorry about the shitty youtube quality - cant find a better one!

Monday, October 29, 2007


Quite often when im having a bad day (like today), i wish i was somewhere nice, like France...but when i see flyers for shows like this i REALLY wish i was in France...
PPS Well spotted Eko, Im a fucking idiot! Thanks!

Paperback magazine

OK please dont think im blowing my trumpet with this post, so please bear with me... Being an artist is a great great thing, but unlike popular opinion, if your just starting out, its not all glamorous sell out private views everynight of the week,globetrotting, sell out limited edition japanese toys and bank balances like fact its hard hard work and sometimes demoralising, with the only reward being the golden glow of creating something your really proud of...this is until (if your lucky) heads start to turn in your on the other side of the art coin, promoting new talent and great art isnt all the big 40% easy money people think it is. Sure if your banksys manager, or you run a boring print company , gallery or whatever, it might be that easy money but for most part it is again hard hard work for often no profit but worthwhile just for the satisfaction of putting something good out whenever someone or somepeople GENUINLY decide to help champion creativity through zine prints, sites, magazines or galleries, it should be welcomed and applauded, because trust me, its a lot of hard work for one of the best causes.
The reason for this post is a fantastic new London based Art magazine that is lookin' very good....the magazine in question is paperback magazine.
My mate Polis Kris says that at the moment advanced copies are available from Artwords Bookshop (Rivington St, London), Koenig Books (Charing Cross Rd and SerpentineGallery) and Family (Los Angeles) but there's more stockists to be
announced very soon..
The official blurb is as follows, but if you want the Dilly brief summary - a great new magazine championing great art and feturing EYE (Boredoms) Ben Sansbury (Ex- Silas) and Brendon Fowler to name a few awesome the press run down

"Paperback is comparable to the 'Art' section in a used bookstore; a place where artists of disparate disciplines, movements, geographies, and time-periods share common ground. In such a place where diversity is in the extreme, a basic commonality emerges - human creativity.

Paperback takes this approach with the aim to produce as vibrant an art publication as possible, to encourage open-mindedness, and broaden the horizons of its readers.
With slight of hand, Paperback makes connections between contemporary artists and artists in the near and distant past. Emergent artists and recent events are placed into a larger context than is found in other art magazines. Particular attention is paid to small vibrations in art that might be missed by the radar of art history, with the aim of preserving and promoting works and events that carry unique qualities and that should be archived.
Rather than merely reporting on a subject, Paperback responds to subject matter creatively, by producing new material. Examples in Issue 1 include a graphic interpretation of the famous wooden toys produced by Swiss manufacturer NAEF, a photo essay documenting the installation of Robert Rauschenberg's recent retrospective at the Pompidou Centre in
Unique in its format, Paperback is to be enjoyed as much for its physicality as for its content"

Sunday, October 28, 2007


looks like as well as dropping some classic Nuria styles, shes been experimenting with light usual - awesome!
UPDATE - Nuria asked me to point out that these works were done in Vienna, Austria which is the home of Tagtool, who she did the projections can catch more of Tagtool here at their website


I dont skate but some decks are fucking lovely...nicked from Kitsunenoir

French paper

As said in previous posts...this wednesday is French's show at the Old Shoreditch station, and to commemorate it Jaguar shoes are dropping a zine (limited to 100) which is free on the night or £1 another reason to be there if in the big smoke


As JayZ perfectly summmed - 'what more can i say?'...Some of Englands finest, that reside around Bristol are reuniting to present a one night extravaganza in a church...i didnt see pictures of the first event, but with the rolecall of visual soldiers lining up to take part in this battle im sure it will be AMAZING....really, if your anywhere near Bristol or can get to Bristol for this event you need a fucking great alibi for a reason not to be there!!!!


This halloweens shaping up to be a goodie...all in London head over to Frenches show at Old shoreditch station...but if your lucky enough to be on the south coast this coming wednesday make sure you dress up in costume and make your way to Mysterious Als show over at the awesome Mujus spot TOY LIFE...

Friday, October 26, 2007


Ekosystem have some shots from the new photo show by the ever great HONET....GO!


Bfrees just dropped a new know how fucking great i think he is...follow the link and be prepared to feel the same...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Blacky Lippy

It gives me great great pleasure to see one of the few genuine new garage punk bands that have been around ages (i see you Bomp!) to get some big love and widespread appreciation (via VICE records)...i say this now as it seems this week everywhere and everyone ive encountered has been rocking the black lips in some way (and yes, i have been further than my house)...sometimes people get bitter or twisted when a good band gets lifted up, but when it comes to the Black Lips...well everyone loves them as its friday lets toast one of the best (if not THE) bands around at the mo' just because we can

Extra MP3 - The diplo remix

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Super ace James Pearson Howes always brings the greatness and now his blog has some snaps from his recent trip to the big apple....follow the link and check them all out, but dont sleep on his blog as its regularly updated... and dont forget we still got some of his awesome 'the king is dead' zines over at (but they are gonna be sold out soon!)


' Powers on 'poz

Juxtapoz has the heads up on the new ESPO show...always something worth checking out

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


London aerosol legend CEPT has a great website that you need to see...I was lucky enough to have him paint a little in one of the Dilly shows (upside down...) and the man is a true gent and artistic talent, but also if you can get hold of some of his music too, the guy makes amazing beats that really will blow you away...all round greatness certified
+Link stolen from hurtyoubad+


new portfolio over on the ever reliable Je Suis Une Bande De Jeunes...

Straight Buffin'

West coast (US style) holmes, Buff monster has dropped a new website showing off all kinds of goodness...if you havent had the pleasure of visiting it yet, make now that time! BIG!

Buff tuff

Monday, October 22, 2007


How much do i love you guys? LOTS! thats how much!
Recently I curated 'Another group show' at the Old Shoreditch Station and it featured the awesome deathly artwork by one man Manowar-army FRENCH. After the take down last week i was left with some prints that he gave me to exhibit, and he said i could give them rather than keep them for myself i thought perhaps give them to you lovely people!
So heres the deal...there isnt a deadline, but ill give fair warning (i guess about a month) and what you have to do to enter is thus....i want you to draw something HAGGARD ...what do i meanby that? i want you to draw the most nastiest disgusting rotten thing that you can think of (it might be a knightmare, might be something youve seen or it might even be a self portrait) and i will post your entry here on this blog....then everyone can comment in the talkback and the popular winners will get one of these what is the prize? i have 3 x a4 prints from French up for grabs (SEE IMAGES BELOW), which will look spanking framed up nicely (these arent originals!)..these arent for general sale and are!
So if your not stupid and want one of these, start creating and when you have done, email them to me at!!! GOOD LUCK AND GET NASTY!!!!



Parra. ZBIOK. Bfree...three of my favourite artists working in Europe (and the world) imagine how happy i was when i copped a copy of Counterpart DVD what is counterpart? well its a DIY publication that is very very comes packaged in a large baggy that would, if filled with thai stick, would keep me high for a month...and inside this is four postcards, by Parra, ZBIOK, Bfree & Louise (see images below) well as this there is a small 1 page comic, and a dvd featuring new bands live and some videos (including Dan Deacons awesome 'Crystal Cat' promo)...all of this for £4 (£5 outside the UK) with payday hitting most this week i reccomend this to all
Counterpart DVD

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Samuel Francois

A few years back I came across Inkunstruction, one of the finest forward thinking 'street art' collectives creating shit inside a gallery or outside. It seems that one of their members, Samuel Francois, has an AMAZING site that your really should go check out....its amazing with a capital A, and has some really truly truly awesome works...

Samuel Francois


I fucking love Poch & fact the first real dilly post was about their awesome must have book 'Teenage kicks'... well they have just dropped some new goodness for the best french online magazine - Brain magazine. Showing new works in paint and poster...its always a treat (is that Johnny halliday in one?)....if only there was more!
If you havent come across Brain magazine before then go go GO dig around the really is one of my must reads (albeit it via Babelfish) has everything you could want from a website - interesting interviews, good portfolios with interesting people and a love of good check it la france indeed!


Monday, October 15, 2007


Holy shit!
The Stefan Marx show blew me away completly and it seems a fair few of you too as well...well dont sleep and get ready for the next great show of 2007 by another legend...BFREE...the show? "I Don't Know How To Act In Public"...the place? the Subwalk gallery in Arnhem, NL...the verdict...Holy shit!


This is an illustration done for the flyer/pv

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Monday, October 8, 2007

Before everyone goes ga-ga about the new Sony ad...

please please please make note of this (from Kitsune Noir)...
From Kozyndan
"Its hard to think that people at Passion Pictures did not have this early panoramic of ours in mind when they created this new spot for the SONY Bravia line.

To add insult to injury, someone from Passion Pictures contacted us almost two years ago asking to see samples of our work (including this panoramic) as they were interested in working with us. We sent them samples and then heard nothing from them ever again. (It should be noted though, that the more likely culprit is the ad firm who hired Passion Pictures, Fallon)


Its really sad how often shit like this gets pulled....kinda reinforces the first few lines from this old Bill Hicks (RIP) classic ....


Stefan Marx in Hamburg.
Sweet Jesus.
Seriously, how AMAZING does this work look? seriously how does he do it? I had to re-type this post because i just cant say what i want to say, and when i do it sounds stupidly over the,to seriously understate my feelings... Stefan is an amazing talent, and if anyone needs any proof, look at the pictures below. Another reason why Hamburg is the best city! ;)

UPDATE!!!! You can get a rare catalogue for the show here (only €15!)

I hate my acne x Pelucas

A while back i told you to check my boy Ezbas blog, but it looks like he has the drop on subaquaticas best exhibition yet - Pelucas...check these images and then head over to his blog for more greatness!