Monday, October 1, 2007

Street renegades

Im getting off my street art soapbox for this, because if you read this blog you are hopefully aware of my stance on streetart and the looting of it like a lost egyptian pyramid full of gold....for something that can be great, there is a lot of shit floating around it and tarnishing it forever...but as ive said, for every dozen rip off books full of explotative kaka, a new one comes out that is actually very good and worth your payday blowout...this time its Streetrengades by Francesca Gavin.
One of the main indicators that this will be a good tome is it is showing page love to the Thought Police. The Thought police are some of Londons most talented and forward thinking artists, so to see them in a book is a sign that the author is going for something better and lasting rather than the lazy cramming of page after page of cameraphone shots of stickers on lamposts or sticking to the same artists youve seen in every other publication out there and in every borders.... NOTE TO THOUGHT POLICE - DO MORE YOU LAZY BASTARDS! CURSE PENDLETON!
Who else is in it? My boys Skullphone and want more? Neate, Downey, Cut up, Eine....yeah, sounds good...and at £13, ill see you in the queue...

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