Friday, June 29, 2007

James VS Mudspot

You should now know I've just put out the latest Dilly zine - James Pearson Howes, and you should all be telling your friends, and getting up on Paypal and copping one of the few copies left....but this aint about that, James Pearson Howes has got back from that festival called Glastonbury, and put up his snaps on his blog ---> check the link on the right....saves you going yourself! Also check full sets of the festival from the bbc HERE

Je Suis Une Bande De Jeunes

JE SUIS UNE BANDE DE JEUNES according to Babelfish means 'I AM A BAND OF YOUNG PEOPLE', its also a track by Renaud Sechan ('Laisse Beton'), but what it REALLY means is a dopedopedope new website hitting it hard from France.
JE SUIS UNE BANDE DE JEUNES was created by 3 friends, JÉREMIE.E, NICOLAS.P & MARCO.B with the idea of a website that would show "Photos of everyday life, often not very well framed or against the light, photos of trips, of meetings, of friendship... Photos without big interest, free and just witnesses of a time past. The idea was simple, gather and present on a same page some portfolios of friends."
The website is hot, but they also put out hot zines as well. They have an new online exhibition of Polaroids you gotta check out called 'Heavens know im miserable now', featuring Dilly friends Landry and Joe83...but features many other great photographers.
France heating things up!

Get over to the website now!

photo by Marco B

photo by Jeremie E

The zine 'Les choses vont aller mieux'


Movie tie-in with trainers done well..vans (always the best) with the Simpons movie...check out this ad, with Neckface, Futura and Todd James done in Matt Groening style

Tuesday, June 26, 2007





The Barcelona connection Mike Swaney sent me a zine goldmine in the post today....two zines, both mad limited, both madly awesome....

First one up in 'Futvolmasterchampion'...this is by one of my favourite crews out there running shit, VOL crew from Barcelona...mad styles, always getting up, always pushing things...always great. These guys are the shit, and to finally get some printed matter in my hands equals a big HELLYEAH from these lips of mine -thanks Mike!

Second round, and equally awesome...Mike did a zine with his Human Five compadre Simon Redekop called 'Hard Earned Modern Art' and is a fantastic mind melting collection of the back cover says 'get your giggles worth, thats how the squiggles work'

Thank you for the amazing package Mike!!!
Sadly I'm afraid i dont think these zines are widely available, but if i hear this blog

Artwork of mass destruction...

Shamelessly stolen from EKOSYSTEM...graf from allied bases....

Monday, June 25, 2007



Andy Boots Junk Poetry

One of the few perks I have experianced from doing this blog / zines / that i sometimes get greatness shown to me, instead of me doing the running such example of this was when i got an email from a gent in Australia called Andy Boot.
Andy has just finished a fantastic project, a book which merges found slides of someones travels across Europe, with snippets of junk emails that reminds me of beat poetry, cutting up random lines / passages and making them fit in a new context.
Its a really really cool project and I hope that one day youll be able to buy it in a book shop!!

Click here to download a teaser PDF

Architecture in Sweeney

The ever awesome Architecture in Helsinki have pushed their awesome levels higher by getting superman Will Sweeney to start doing their visuals - website, sleeve & possible video...such a good move...
PS looking forward to Alakazam 2.5!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Mudwig prints...

Roll up! Roll up! Get your Mudwig prints HERE

Stolen show

StolenSpace are pleased to present this year's 'Summer Group Show'

6.30pm 28th June - 22nd July

With new work by artists Word to Mother, Jessica Harrison, Conor Harrington, Haroun Haward, Andrew McAttee, Mysterious Al, Ronzo and D*Face.

There will also be available at the exhibition a limited run of new prints by artists D*Face, Word to Mother, Mysterious Al, Ronzo and David Bray.

StolenSpace Gallery
Dray Walk, The Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane
E1 6QL

+44 (0) 207 247 2684

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Backjumps 2007 FINAL REPORT

Last one from the Chimp...well done, and cant wait to see the final result!

"FUCK I´M TIRED! finished my corridor at 5am this morning. today I´m in a daze. sat around talking to SKKI for a while, very interesting conversation about life and art. but I just told an interviewer, for the second time, to go away, can´t deal with talking to people. I want to make a false beard from pasta. it´s raining so hard its untrue. Chaz TLP just called. he´s in a hotel across the street with Fortress, but they can´t leave for fear of drowning. Nomad is blowing up ballons. Mode2 didn´t arrive yet, and he has a lot to paint. Zevs seems to be showing the Lavvaza kidnap thing, which I find a little disappointing as it´s a few year old. There is a lot of film stuff. Blu has nearly completed one complete circuit of the room with his animation painting. it´s incredible - the bigger he paints the faster he gets! Akims installation is great. what is interesting for me is how the majority of artists work is very un-"graffiti", and the people showing more traditional graf, well, it just looks tired and dated. I guess this is an art show, not a graffiti show. oh, and the catalogue for the show looks great too.

gonna call a girl now. peice out(side)"

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


As I have said on here (and to anyone who listens), my boy Lister is one of the true greats making shit nowadays...check these pictures for proof, taken from his latest show 'mythology for beginners'

Fistful of quarters...

This films looks like itll be worth catching...also, on a seperate (yet related) note, the latest issue of Lodown has a fantastic 'top 50 documentaries that you should watch before you die' article which is really good

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


This Dilly blog is my baby, and i love to have somewhere as an outlet for all my nerdy hoardings of info and cool stuff (well i think its cool!)...but this isnt the only place I paste shit on...oh no... I have just started blogging on my third (and probably last) blog...Australias awesome Monster Children Gallery. These guys dont fuck about, they print magick, they put on hot shows (espo, ease, french, gomes, with Giant coming up) its a realy big honour to mess up their site with my hit up their site....but also NEVER FORGET L@@K R@RE! the other big blog giving the internet a bad name....
PS mo' blogs dont = mo' problems, it justs means shit is gonna get better!

L@@K R@RE!


BACKJUMPS 2007 Pictures Fear

Evidence no.1 why this dilly blog is diffrent from other art websites - our indepth insight on leading artists....

"CHIMP REPORT nummer FEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


and he plans to dress up as Santa on the opening night so that small Turkish boys will sit on his lap, where he will ask them to unwrap the "little parcel"

as Nomad is my witness..."

Below is a photo chimp sent in of the esteemed artist in preperation for the opening night


Look at the flyer, write/memorise the details...and be nowhere else next wednesday...see you there!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Backjumps 2007 report No.Drie (your eyes)

From the Chimp...

"I´m sitting in the office with Nomad

We´re drinking tea made out of African womens pubic hair

And waiting to get laid

or paid

or both

I´m fucking up everything today so I will be painting forever.

A note of the screen says Ash from Copenhagen arrives 22:25 heute von Schonefeld ubber alles

I hear Blu´s voice. He greets someone who just arrived

I asked a pretty blonde student to send you some photos as I don´t have anything interesting to say

bye bye von Berlin


The photo is by Karoline Haasters (again!), but blogger is fucking up today and messed up the colours, so this isnt as the photo should be, but i like!

BACKJUMPS 2007 Pictures Zwei

More exclusive pictures from the lens of Karoline Haasters! Thank you Karoline & Chimp

BACKJUMPS 2007 Pictures Eine

For recent newcomers, a quick recap...Our man in Berlin, Chimp, has been awesome enough to send field reports from the artistic frontline at Backjumps he has somehow managed to sweet talk a photographer into giving ledilly blog a cool mega exclusive look at how hot this festival is shaping up...if you contrast it with previous years it certainly looks bolder and brighter! Cool!
The photos are by Karoline Haasters, so no stealing em....thank you Karoline & Chimp!

Brad Downeys

Dont be lazy Berlin!

God broke the mould when he created good time party dad Senior B, and now the Senior has a show dropping in Berlin...if your around the co-ordinates, be there! Guaranteed to be a P-A-R-T-Y!
God damn i wish i was in Berlin...

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Some new books have dropped to make your piggy bank weep (why do great and limited books always drop in the middle of the month when your broke?)

1. Mike Giant 'Muerte'

2. Ed Templeton 'Situation Comedy'



I first saw Marcus Oakleys handywork back in an old issue of Lodown, when he used to go under the guise of Mr Werewolf. I was instantly hooked -I was going through a big Beach boys phase at the time (the druggy end phase- 'its about time' 7" on HEAVY rotation)...and i loved that this guy was a fellow Wilson fan...not to mention his handstyle and vision blew me away.
Since that first exposure i have been a keen admirer, and he has not stopped pumping out gold... but the twist is - he just keeps on getting better and better.
He has shown all over the globe, and been involved in many outstanding projects (urethane, banjo to name but a few) and if you havent checked his site yet, do so immediatly and bookmark that shit ...and if you go there, and dont like his stuff, dont log back on this blog again!


Backjumps 2007 report No.ZWEI

Just when the first one got put up here, another lands in my mailbox...thanks chimp!!!

"CHIMP REPORT nummer zwei

11pm, I´ve worked 12 hours straight, and have another hour to go.

Blu is sitting behind me checking mails. He is making an animation as his piece in the show. painstakingly painting each frame on the wall in black, photographing it, then painting it out with white and painting the next frame. In the end, his room will be empty except for the painted over piece and a tv showing the animation. Brad is in another room constructing a tower of giant sized xmas presents, and the Cuba Brazil dudes are building Havana...

mosquitos are biting my ass so I´m going back to the painting...

schlaf ich heut nacht nicht ein


Saturday, June 16, 2007

Backjumps 2007 report No.Eine

Backjumps is one of the worlds longest running (three years!) and best regular 'urban art' installation festivals (i HATE the term 'urban art', can someone come up with a new term please?).
This year they have some great people doing shit - Blu, Downey, HuskMitNavn, Zevs, Nomad to name a few...and my friend Dave the Chimp.
Dave is over there, in Berlin and is going to send us sporadic reports back, reports on the festival from the front line....and heres part one...THANKS CHIMP!

"Greetings from the office at Backjumps 2007
I just made the worst coffee ever, which Herr Brad Downey und Ich are now swilling with disgust.
"I´m going to punch (the gallery director) in the face next time I see him" says Brad, who is still waiting for his materials to arrive, and his assistant.
Last night we ate dope organic burgers and then hung out on Nico´s rooftop.
It`s Saturday. Non stop work for the Chimp, 10 hours a day, painting both sides of a 40 metre long, 5 metre high corridor. But it´s cool, my assistant Katie is working super hard, and Carol and Nico have both helped lots too.
"Schön" is the comment of 95% of the cats that walk past, aged between 3 and 50.
The kids love it.
Berlin rules. Apart from a thunderstorm last night the weather has been beautiful, super hot and sunny. The girls are also super hot. But the people here should smile more - they have it good. It`s cheap, the food is good, the apartments are big, the streets are wide, little traffic, a cycling heaven. quit ya whining and enjoy the city, fools!!!
Right, I gotta go tie a paintbrush to a pole and start painting.
Peace from the East (Germany)
Party is next Friday (22nd) so get all yo asses here alter!

Dave the Chimp, Kreuzburg, Berlin

p.s. Nomad und Ich have been asked to make a "performance" at the after show party... oh shit... "

below is an actual photo taken of chimp looking at his piece

Friday, June 15, 2007

Fresh for the summer...

What can i say but if you aint rocking these this summer YOU AINT ROCKING SHIT

Hit up the party hard ERS for copping details


1- I did the zine stall a few weeks ago, and wanted good shit for the stall, so i sourced stuff from around the world - the kind of stuff i wanted to get in London, but couldn't...and one title i needed there was the amazing SOF BOY...anyway, i ordered the two issues (as there are only two issues) for selling, and they only turned up today! WEEKS FUCKING LATE! now i already got my share of Sof'boy greatness, so im selling these babies..they cost me £5 each, but in bargain sale terms for you guys ill sell both issues for a fiver with postage included!...however, i only have one pair of comics - so first come first served...
Sof boy is AMAZING...pure happiness at the ugly world, in a classic drawing and printing style...guaranteed to brighten your day, a comment if you want em and ill contact me, these are a must have (and hard to get!)

2- File under first exposure to Jamie Hewlett pre gorillaz, was Sensless Things record covers and Deadline with TANK that Jamie Hewlett is the big star that he is (and rightly so), it seems some TankGirl fans are trying to re-ignite the property away from Hewlett and the shadow of the awful films (even Ice-T couldnt save it)...and i copped a copy today...and ....not impressed...the artwork is nice, real nice, but the writing just aint there at all...get it for curiosity, but i wont be queing up for issue 2 sadly...

Aliens last night...

I was a HUGE fan of the Beta band..they hit all the right buttons for me - they were into the same music as I was (Link wray to Method man, Pretty things to Can), and I loved their music..I loved their focus on DIY music and artwork, and overall vision...the whole stinking lot.
When they split due to record company extreme ass fucking i was a little bit sad, but glad they might be able to get away from horrible debt once and for all...and besides, ill always have the three EPs cd at hand
Then came King Biscuit Time, with his amazing first EP..but the album came and went, and it seemed that was it for the Beta band....until The Aliens!
Comprising of various members of aforementioned great band...the new band are simply awesome...and last night i saw them at ULU and they were fantastic - they are amazingly fun live , can play the fuck out of their instruments (a rendition of 'Caravan' that lasted for what seemed like 15 minutes was like Can meets Sabbath at '11') and the true meat of the gig consisted of a fantastic back catalogue of singalong, throw-your-watery -beer-in-the-air, anthem s- and they have only dropped their first LP! AMAZING!...check them out if you like the beta band or beck (in a way they fuse hip hop sixties pysch and much more in a amazingly catchy way)..dilly gives TWO THUMBS UP

One of the reasons i wanted to blog this, was before they went on they showed on stage a film they made...about them being maintenance on star trek deep space nine, and what happens when they get stoned, spill red wine, disable the starship and listen to hendrix..its reason like this, thats why i love 'em
The Aliens - Maintenance

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their first single ROBOT MAN

classic beta band

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Blues Crumb...

When im tucked up in my bedroom and its pissing outside, theres no better company than a) the blues and b) R.Crumb.


Great news hits me, that the ever awesome, and CRIMINALLY (i write in caps because its needed) slept on Sam Hiti is working on the sequal to one of the best and most original comics ive got my grubby paws on recently.
Like a more psychadelic version of Hellboy (with a Latino twist), its a must news of a second book makes me clear a space on my already crammed book shelves with a big shit eating grin!
Dont believe me that Tiempos Finales is good? check THIS REVIEW and THIS ONE...i think there are still signed copies at Gosh comics in London (as if you ever need a reason to go in there and murderise your bank account?)

oh yeah and check Sam Hitis blog ( link to the right ---> )