Tuesday, June 26, 2007


The Barcelona connection Mike Swaney sent me a zine goldmine in the post today....two zines, both mad limited, both madly awesome....

First one up in 'Futvolmasterchampion'...this is by one of my favourite crews out there running shit, VOL crew from Barcelona...mad styles, always getting up, always pushing things...always great. These guys are the shit, and to finally get some printed matter in my hands equals a big HELLYEAH from these lips of mine -thanks Mike!

Second round, and equally awesome...Mike did a zine with his Human Five compadre Simon Redekop called 'Hard Earned Modern Art' and is a fantastic mind melting collection of greatness...as the back cover says 'get your giggles worth, thats how the squiggles work'

Thank you for the amazing package Mike!!!
Sadly I'm afraid i dont think these zines are widely available, but if i hear different...watch this blog

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