Tuesday, March 27, 2007


2007 is shaping up to be a great year for Dave the chimp aka fotologs most hated/loved.
Hes got his (long deserved) first solo show out in Milan (details below), he'll be doing his second video for Robots in Disguise (last video 50,000 hits in under 3 months...), directing another video, this time for the excellent stool pigeon music paper and their new record label (!) and finally to top that off, he'll be in Berlin for a month working on his piece for the amazing Backjumps show...phew! what a summer!
well done Chimp, you deserve a big fat pat on the back...no go have a banana and a skate

Milan show
BIOKIP headquarter & gallery
Via A. Della Pergola, 3 20159 Milano ITALY
www.biokip.com ph: +39-(0)2-36566988

Chimps Fotolog


'Golden Cage' is the latest single from Whitest Boy Alive..and they've gone and got Geoff McFetridge to do them the best video of 2007 so far....simple lines, but done so so well...like the rest of his work, simply awesome [THANKS ADAM!]

for those that didnt see it earlier, but are fans of his stuff, check out this video he did for the track 'Itsu' by Plaid

Monday, March 26, 2007

Musick heads up

1. Arcade Mode has dropped some of their rare blue 7"s featuring both BusyP & Dj Mehdi...as you probably are aware, Ed Banger basically owns the earth right now, and these little blue cookies of 7" Vinyl will be gone sooner than a UK patrol boat in Iranian waters, so go fetch

2.KOL. The kings are back and sounding as great as ever. Their last album is 100000% one of the best rock LPs dropped in a decade and they are shaping up to be something classic. Girls wanna shag em, i just wanna watch this classic patrick daughters video again...for FOUR KICKS...get the KOL LP when you can (along with the aliens, horrors, stooges, LCD etc )


four kicks

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Guess whos been a lucky man with zines recently? ME! That’s who!
Got two nice deliverys of zines t’other day, which always makes me smile, so thanks to both Dist & Bfree...please don’t forget that if you got any zines I could have a look at and pop up here, drop me a line and ill give you my address

First up is two zines by the ever popular (and newest member of the scrawl collective ) DIST – bringing ‘the witching hour’ & ‘ fresh out of that’ zines.
Ive known DIST for a while, from when he used to travel a long way to come to the big smoke to put work up in the finders keepers shows ( that I used to help put on). I was always impressed by his enthusiasm, hard work, volume of output and more importantly hes a really nice guy - a rare thing nowadays (although not that rare if you read this blog – dude this, dude that…), but he was always like me, heavily into zines, so it was nice to get some fresh produce from him through the royal mail. Thanks Dist!

‘fresh...’ features a great neon yellow cover (which doesn’t scan well), and features lots of snaps of his outside work, cardboard heads and chaotic face storms, which if you know the man, you know what im talking about. ‘Witching hour’ has a nice minimal skate cover, that kinda feels like it should be a fugazi/sebadoh film title sequence. This zine features more sketches, thoughts and shows his inspirations – what looks like 50s / early sixties illustration grabbing him, which is always a hot look in my book…and also he does seem to be hitting slogans pretty hard which is a nice twist to his shit…all good stuff and if like/love him youll love these zines.


You know how much I love this guys work, and I know that all cats are gonna be laping him up soon, like cats after an overturned milk float, so get in there now while you can cos this lil baby is super good.
This is his latest classic ‘ I thought this was forever’, which is packed with his work(on lovely paper..ahem, im a zine nerd), both eye melting in colour or N.L.S (Next Level Shit) but also with simple effective lines and humour (Whitney Houston). He basically covers everything, and everything he does cover is awesome. I think this zine is timed to go with his show at Subaquatica, which is a good reason to remind you that you need to go, because if your in Madrid, you really do need to!



Its time for one of Londons premier spaces, Elms Lester Painting Rooms, to drop another show, and with the onset of summer, you know Londinium is heating up....
MAY 4th - 26th 2007
a mixed exhibition of new work by six contemporary urban artists


Friday 4th - Saturday 26th 2007
Opening hours Tuesday - Saturday 12.00 - 6.00 pm
Late nights Thursdays until 9.00 pm
nearest tube: Tottenham Court Road
Admission FREE

now for me, personally, i dont feel Stash, but im all about the Delta, Ron English and Dalek. Dalek i didnt think i'd like, as he was a bit samey, but i gotta say i do like a bit of dalek, especially when you see first hand how fine his lines and painting is, kinda like kaws in the (canvas) flesh...but Andrew mcAttee & Mark Dean Veca..im also looking forward to seeing what they bring, as they be new to me...which is why i love Elms Lester, they bring out the heavy guns, but also back them up with future heros, which is a good good thing,especially in London where there are really no exciting spaces that break new talent, everyones too concerned with overheads/getting the right hookups, and few people take chances on original talent....BOO!
Anyway, show looks sick, see you there

Sunday, March 25, 2007


You've all seen mighty kung-fu/samurai posters from the far east - Done.
You've worn sunglasses at the technicolour one sheets from Bollywood - Done that.
Well Ghana is the next hotspot for film promotion high art.
I caught this show when it was on at Dazed, and thankfully they have archived the show in all its awesome glory. Head over there and wish they were at your local Odeon today...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Keepin' it Family in LA

great new shop kicked open in LA - Family... so with this & ooga booga, LA is really doing it nice style in the smog...good blog, great looking store, great stock, love of horror films, instores by my hero the pyschic soviet...what can i say? i wanna go to LA!!! (but thankfully theres an online shop!)...its my birthday next month and payday now, so get spending them duckets!


So i finally re-read it again this afternoon (for what must be like treble figures now), and as always it gives me that glow and kick that only a lucozade with hangover can provide. So i did some youtubing to spice up a quiet day...
For those that dont know what 'wunderground' is, it is a catlogue for an exhibition in provedence, NJ which was celebrating the mill scene out there, and in particular FORT THUNDER. Fort thunder was perhaps, will no hint of bullshit, is one of the most mind blowing centres of modern art in the last decade (at least) and was pure and punk.
Fluke, fate or whatever brought together some amazing artists & musicians and spawned so much work its astounding. It also brought out great bands like force field and later lightening bolt. It also heavily influnced (directly) paper rad and black dice to name a few....serious this is all a super condensed, super brief look and all i can say is get your sherlock holmes on and get a copy of wunderground NOW




mad mad homemade costume wrestling went down at fort thunder...check the big costume at the end (i also like the matress)...

Lightning bolt - POWER OF THE SALAD! awesome film this, and someones uploaded the whole documenary! 70+ minutes of greatness....i picked this up on dvd at their garage gig last time they hit london, and YOU MUST SEE THEM LIVE BEFORE YOU DIE...i had a spare ticket and offered it to all my mates, but they turned my down - THE FOOLS.

PS a big thanks to jagbags lil piece - cheers!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

2 Shows

2 Shows of note....

Right now, this moment, Iguapop gallery in Barcelona is hosting my zine buddy Mike Swaney, and its a big fucker of a solo show too...pieces selling like hot cakes, the work itself awesome...what can i say? boys hotter than the sun. Check it if your lucky enough to be in Spain...

In the up & coming section is Mudwig Dans show at Dreambagsjaguarshoes, London...which will be dope, dope, dope & dope. You know his steez - mad new millenium pysch greatness. Look out for a zine from us of him in the future...see you there

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Med Damon

I love Med. Hes another one of this planets grade-A dudes...he can rock a basement party with his heated cd-r's or just rock a party full stop, but that aint his only/main talent - hell no, he also snaps pictures, and mighty mighty fine they are too....head over to his flickr and see the real East London party scene, non of that cobrasnake/dirtydirtydancing bullshit photoshop models only/ hipster crap, meds is shooting what he sees not what he thinks is cool or will get him the right hook ups like other camera people (i refuse to compare them to artists by using the term photographer)...big ups the Meds
PS i think i did a good job of finding the most opposite subject of the lens from my last post....from africa to east london dances


Saturday, March 17, 2007


Oh shit! I havent checked my good friend Landrys excellent photo site for a hot minute, and it seems hes been travelling to Africa, and taken some real good photos, so go to the site and have a look...Landry is the motherfucking man


Thursday, March 15, 2007




Ol' beaky face Kidman has a new film out, playing Diane Arbus. The reviews are crap, and i bet the film will be (i HATED secretary), but i hope that if it does one thing, its that it will open a few new eyes to her amazing photographic work.
I love her work, despite some against exploiting the 'freaks and outsiders' of the world, she did it with love and heart (get that vice?), and i cant applaud her shit enough, if you dont see the film (and i dont blame you), at least check out her stuff. Shes awesome.


this photo is of some cool kids on the street, her street work is fantastic, but not as fantastic as the kids threads

i think this one was later on in her life when she did work with mental patients...in fact you can see where VICE get most of their input from



Every now and then you NEED to buy a magazine, like ANP quarterly (every damn issue), Arkitip (Beste & Colette) etc etc but this new zine you really need to get, because not only does it feature Dilly favs like ZBK, BFREE, PAX,EROSIE, LLCOOLJO, EKTA, ALEXONE to name but a few, but its also for a very very good cause....
in brief the money goes to an arrested immigrant Yacob and to the battle against unjust asylum camps run by scary powers that use them beyond their original mandate (if you think my mouth runs off about art, dont get me started on politics!)...


Wednesday, March 14, 2007


yeah, thats right, its uploaded, online and beaming out greatness from Prague...get in touch with N.L.S(*)


(* = Next Level Shit)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

French avec Niketown

got this in the mail today...
"Just to let those interested know I'm part of this 6
week collaboration, concept store, exhibition at Nike
Town on Oxford Circus.

My displays go up instore on the 19th March till the
2nd Apil. Here's the flyer. There's 2 other artists as
well, one the 2 weeks before and another the 2 weeks
after....errr I dunno who they are?

One of my illustrations is also a limited edition free
t-shirt, that you can only get while my display is up,
so go grab one."

from the dark destroyer known as FRENCH

Sunday, March 11, 2007


interesting piece on how long Banksy can be seen as an outsider and a guerilla artist when his work is sold for ridiculous amounts, over at the sunday times. I completly agree with the point of how can a canvas really sell for £75 million when theres more pressing monitary issues in the world. Don't get me wrong great art is great art, but there is a line....isn't there?

Check it here

Saturday, March 10, 2007


NYC artist du jour Dan Colen (well him and Dash) is part of a London group show (with Terence Koh...) at Victoria Miros gallery, showing his bird shit paintings...thanks for the heads up Saru

ABSENT WITHOUT LEAVE @ Victoria Miros gallery

I love Magic

To me animators are modern magicians. Toiling, sweating and bleeding for hours and hours, days upon days, behind closed doors in smokey rooms, dedicated to a pain staking, driven and meticulous work that will create something from nothing, to bring forth life to live, dance and love in a magic world (the dance and love bit depends on the animation - but you know what i mean!).
I have always loved animation since i was a toddler, from tv programme basics like trap door and morph, to my first exposure of eastern european shorts late night on channel 4. No matter how nerdy the animators may look like, there is always something edgy, experimental and (that word again) magical about their work.
After a few caprihinias the other night i was reccomended an animator to check out - Garri Bardin. Google him for more information, but heres one short 'Break!'. If you like animation, you it might be cool to dig around for more of his work

i was sent these images from Camille who reccomended me his stuff, thanks Camille!

Friday, March 9, 2007


I love old school NES games and its art...which child of the eighties doesnt? Well some fans have been taking it to the galleries the last few years - all of which has been well documented (8-bit the book, 'live through this' the Deitch book for prime examples), but this could be interesting to catch...


As you might know, i only work with people whose work i LOVE - or whats the point? I have been lucky enough to work with and hang out with BFREE and he just keeps on dropping gems on me...go to his site and check out his collection of kids drawings which are funny.
Hes got a solo show in Subaquatica soon, so Madrid stand up



This group show looked good. Named after the Dead kennedys track it featured some star players - Chris johanson, Barry Mcgee, Reymond Pettibon to name just a few, all bringing the grime and the dirt...catalogue anyone?


Black Metal Documentary

part 1 of a documentary on Black Metal. If you want more, double click on the video to goto youtube and check out the related links...i post this as it seems the black metal cloud is over us, with French being interviewed on fecalface.com and the lastest Arkitip being a Peter Beste beast

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


WHOA...where did this slip from?


A partir du Samedi 24 Mars 2007, chaque samedi à minuit.

En exclusivité à Paris au

Cinéma du Panthéon
13 rue Victor Cousin
75005 Paris
Métro Luxembourg.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


so i was talking a few (well quite a few!) posts ago about vinyl toys being, well ....generally being quite shit nowadays. It does seem every band and every film has jumped on and slept with the vinyl bandwagon...well all of it is kinda boring...until i saw this photo on the turntablelab blog...IMAGINE THIS ON YOUR SHELVES...one word - BOUGHT

Friday, March 2, 2007


somebodys updated their website with more greatness....that someones FRENCH, and that website is TAPED COPIES

Livin like a legend...

Pinky the great has a new show up north in his hometurf of Hull...if your in the area, go and check it out!

Thursday, March 1, 2007


Human Five
LES Gallery
1879 Powell Street

greatness is insured for their shows, but i never thought theyd win BEST FLYER EVER....well they did

check out the show by clicking on images


so Neckface has some Vans gear out...well for those that think hes a fashion label or forget what he does...

any excuse to put that up :)

10 years young

Colette is Paris HQ for all things good. Its always the first stop for me when i touch down in the great city. To me it has one of the best bookshops for picking up art/design stuff ive been to, and add to that big fat tick in the good boxes, they have a great great clothes purchaser and exhibition curator...all this makes for it being an unbeatable store. And it is....
Some Parisians i have spoken to hate it and have told me about Colettes grip on the city, but this happens everywhere when something becomes cool / popular, but to me Colettes success is thatit still seems as fresh and forward looking as ever (they've just been lucky enough to hold a tiny vices group show - lucky lucky), which in this day and age, when internet blogs kill everything in a matter of minutes, well its a tough thing to do and keep up for a decade...
Colettes birthday would guarantee a post here, but the meat in this posting sandwich is the ingrediants that are making their birthday something to watch, salivate and spend over...

- for the art side they have got 10 curators to showcase their finest, and these curators include only Jeffrey Deitch, Aaron Rose, Jamie O'Shea (supertouch) and many others (serpentine etc)!

-a hong kong toy nerds wet dream in Vinyl form - a 1000% bearbrick, with 100 for sale, signed by André, Devilrobots, Brian Damage (aka Perks), Pete Fowler, Futura, James Jarvis, Kaws, Michael Lau, Stash, Will Sweeney (artists who have exhibited in the last 10 years at Colette)! Cry Nerds as you beat each other on Ebay for these! let battle commence!

-March 12th they drop a special package for the first ed banger compilation 'Headbanger All Star' which will feature exclusive Ed Banger special CD + vinyl + sticker set + t-shirt designed by So-Me + jacket patch/transfer. Old st get by your paypal you pack'o'loons!

-Michel Gondry is doing a window installation March 19th-24th, spotlighting the romance from his latest film 'science of sleep' featuring original props and decor...and they're realeasing the world premiere of the collectors DVD of the film. Naughty!

how many 10 year olds can claim that rolecall of greatness for their birthday? most fall into a cake and fight over hulahoops

PS oh yeah and Arkitip are doing a colette special issue too!