Thursday, March 22, 2007


So i finally re-read it again this afternoon (for what must be like treble figures now), and as always it gives me that glow and kick that only a lucozade with hangover can provide. So i did some youtubing to spice up a quiet day...
For those that dont know what 'wunderground' is, it is a catlogue for an exhibition in provedence, NJ which was celebrating the mill scene out there, and in particular FORT THUNDER. Fort thunder was perhaps, will no hint of bullshit, is one of the most mind blowing centres of modern art in the last decade (at least) and was pure and punk.
Fluke, fate or whatever brought together some amazing artists & musicians and spawned so much work its astounding. It also brought out great bands like force field and later lightening bolt. It also heavily influnced (directly) paper rad and black dice to name a few....serious this is all a super condensed, super brief look and all i can say is get your sherlock holmes on and get a copy of wunderground NOW




mad mad homemade costume wrestling went down at fort thunder...check the big costume at the end (i also like the matress)...

Lightning bolt - POWER OF THE SALAD! awesome film this, and someones uploaded the whole documenary! 70+ minutes of greatness....i picked this up on dvd at their garage gig last time they hit london, and YOU MUST SEE THEM LIVE BEFORE YOU DIE...i had a spare ticket and offered it to all my mates, but they turned my down - THE FOOLS.

PS a big thanks to jagbags lil piece - cheers!

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