Saturday, March 10, 2007

I love Magic

To me animators are modern magicians. Toiling, sweating and bleeding for hours and hours, days upon days, behind closed doors in smokey rooms, dedicated to a pain staking, driven and meticulous work that will create something from nothing, to bring forth life to live, dance and love in a magic world (the dance and love bit depends on the animation - but you know what i mean!).
I have always loved animation since i was a toddler, from tv programme basics like trap door and morph, to my first exposure of eastern european shorts late night on channel 4. No matter how nerdy the animators may look like, there is always something edgy, experimental and (that word again) magical about their work.
After a few caprihinias the other night i was reccomended an animator to check out - Garri Bardin. Google him for more information, but heres one short 'Break!'. If you like animation, you it might be cool to dig around for more of his work

i was sent these images from Camille who reccomended me his stuff, thanks Camille!

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