Monday, February 26, 2007


if there is anyone that actually reads this blog, then firstly thank you (phew!), but secondly, i just wanna say that i also write for another blog, so that if you come here and it aint been updated then head over to l@@K r@re where i post non-art shit....

PS is indeed DEAD (for those who know/care)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Dilly Says...

1) a BIG congratulations to Marc and Sara (woostercollective) for announcing their firstborn...when he told me the other week it blew me away. Im such a big girl when it comes to people i know having kids...the big step forward...scary! but WELL DONE!!! Im always up for some babysitting - but your paying the airfare

2) friday 23rd Febuary- TONIGHT. LMF4. Dreambagsjaguarshoes. I kinda put on some djs and do a little vinyl spinning myself every last friday at this old st watering hole. I always put on good friends for good times, so please come down and party, everyones welcome.

3) have a top weekend one and all



The Dillys first push into regular zine publising comes holding Mike Swaneys zine aloft. He is amazing, a great great talent. As befits people who are rad, people are taking note (as they bloody should) and Mikes gone got a show in Canada - so if theres any Canadians out there, check it out as soon as humanly possible.

The zine will be available to get when the long awaited dillyweb smacks down on the net, which should be soon. The image below is from the you know you wants it!

PS OPEN CALL...Im trying to fix up a small space in London for Mike to show his work... any ideas/hookups? trying one place but they're being skanks.... :(

Mike Swaney presents 'Gold in the net'
February 24, 2007 - Mar 17, 2007
Atelier gallery

Beefy Tube

I got an email from Adam Neate, with the following "The legend gets interviewed by letterman" know what? He does. Beefheart fans rejoice and enjoy.
Thanks Adam!

Troubled Todd James

Todd James aka REAS has a new show dropping at the v1 gallery in Denmark. This is awesome news as it means he might be dropping some more shows... hopefully in London! but those in Denmark, im green with jealousy.
If i won the lottery id buy some todd james original pieces... no doubt... If you won millions, who or what art would you get if money was no object?


TODD JAMES @ V1 gallery

read a small interview with supertouch here

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

ANP Quarterly

without a shadow of a doubt ANP is one of the best magazines printed. Its BIG, its FREE, its full colour, its from aaron rose (alledged gallery) , ed templeton & BARR and its the definition of all killer no filler....And you cant get it in england. Its supposed to be available at OFR in Brick Lane, but everytime ive asked for it, they thought i was gabbling some strange language, so I had to scour the black magick ebay to get my copies. Now at last theyve solved the crappy distribution problem with overseas subscriptions, and for a mega cheap $30 (what like £15)....if you like (f)art then you owe it to yourself to sign up immediatly.

GET YOUR ANP SUBSCRIPTION ON HERE (scroll down for more info on the mag)

The latest issue (number 6) cover stars are paper rad and i love them so much im using it as an excuse to whack up another mindmelt youtube clip from them, this is from a visual mixtape...skip forward a bit all ye newcomers for paperrad madness

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

El Stefan

Stefan Marx is one the best people walking on the planet today. Im sorry of that upsets you, but its true. He is one of the nicest guys youll ever meet but to top that off, he truly is one of the best artists working today. Talk about a double whammy.
He has dropped a new book over at Nieves, and needless to say you gotta cop a copy, but also he has some new tees from 2k as well...Stefan, boy done it again


Lousy Livin

Monday, February 19, 2007


save your paypacket.

hit the shops on the 5th.

they're back with a new album...last one 20 years ago

i gotta sit down

i hope it doesnt suck

go harmony!

for those that know me, i think harmony korine is the shit...and its great news that filming has finished on his biggest film yet - Mister Lonely, and it sounds mad - in the best way possible....check out DETAILS related news, Larry Clarks 'wassup rockers' make it to DVD in the UK this month


another good looking zine has arrived, FEVER ZINE looks like a good thing to have and to hold...but i just gotta get a copy now! pics look nice - nice get cape illustration and good photos (in my opinion)...check out their myspace if you want some more shelf strength...



hello all, sorry for the silence, but sometimes things happen in the real world that make getting on the web kinda lesser of a prority so im sorry, but im back and what a show this is going to be! its kinda slipped in London stealth like, but i saw hype about this show when it first dropped in the USA and i was livid i might not have caught it...but thankfully some bright person has brought it to our fair city of trash - London.
Hunter S Thompson, like many, was a shining light in a bland and boring world. The last of his kind, a true spirit, unconfined by normal ways of living. So he wasnt perfect and theres accusations of his fakeness - read sonny bargers autobiography for accusations of hunter when he wrote 'hells angels'...but during his time on this planet, in between writing classics and making classic urban myths he took some great photos, compiled here for the first time in an exhibition (well first time for a show - which is travelling).
As great as this show seems it bugs me that its dates of opening is so short and theres no noise about it. Usually a quiet show is better than overhype, but theres a fine line between word of mouth and NOBODY SEEING IT THROUGH NOT KNOWING ABOUT IT...this happens a bit in this city and it kinda bugs me, whats the point of having a dope show if only you and 4 other people are going to see it? LAME...anyway catch this, but be quick!

GONZO at Michael Hoppen

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


tonight, if your in London, head on east and to the dragon bar, where theres a OWL themed group show curated by the great DSCREET.
DSCREET has been hitting brick lane hard with his pysch styles and owls and now hes gone and done his own group show, so go along and check out the owl awesomeness....

Monday, February 5, 2007

Children of Men

I hate Clive Owen.
I hate lazy uses of Sigur Ros in adverts .
I hate any film that has 'from the director of Harry Potter....' least i did.
to me Cinema is alongside music as a higher form of art, as i believe a sound or song can convery more emotion than a canvas, and with cinema, matching that perfect song to raise goosebumps with the perfect imagery...well when cinema is done right it can be amazing...and children of men is.
This trailer is cheesy, reveals far too much...and by now your probably overhyped about it...but this film came and went in the UK and last night i got it out from Blockbusters and let me tell you...go see far the most spot on and scary view of where we are heading ive seen in a long it and forget everything youve seen or heard and just enjoy it...and then talk about the fistful of jaw dropping one shots


Thursday, February 1, 2007


after posting about Klimt and Hirst i feel like some kinda sucker so in a strength to keep the bond between me and the streets tight i thought id hit up some hardcore graf youtube magic





....PS word on the street THIS could be BANKSY