Wednesday, February 21, 2007

ANP Quarterly

without a shadow of a doubt ANP is one of the best magazines printed. Its BIG, its FREE, its full colour, its from aaron rose (alledged gallery) , ed templeton & BARR and its the definition of all killer no filler....And you cant get it in england. Its supposed to be available at OFR in Brick Lane, but everytime ive asked for it, they thought i was gabbling some strange language, so I had to scour the black magick ebay to get my copies. Now at last theyve solved the crappy distribution problem with overseas subscriptions, and for a mega cheap $30 (what like £15)....if you like (f)art then you owe it to yourself to sign up immediatly.

GET YOUR ANP SUBSCRIPTION ON HERE (scroll down for more info on the mag)

The latest issue (number 6) cover stars are paper rad and i love them so much im using it as an excuse to whack up another mindmelt youtube clip from them, this is from a visual mixtape...skip forward a bit all ye newcomers for paperrad madness

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