Monday, April 30, 2007


my good man, CAPISH 74, a writer from Paris (you still there dude?), sent me this link. I havent heard it yet, but i love Capish, so i had to big it up and post it here...PS the image at the end was my choice for the post...PPS you need to join sendspace to get it, but its free and when you surf the music blogs, its a handy thing to be joined up to...
"hello my friends! i'll be quick..
ya like hip-hop?!
if oui, this is our new mixtape, Under "Connection" Skillz Vol.4 made with E.V records, Mumbles Hip-hop, Librestyle and our radio, Mixlawax. feel free to download it, print the cover, pass the link to your friends, and play it louder!
underCskillz vol.4 mixed by FAZTMS
we keep the hip-hop alive, days are gonna be (more and more) hard in france soon.. but we hang in there!
many thanks for all your supports!


its true, sometimes the most beautiful things are the rarest.
While on holiday in spain i was fucking lucky and caught part of the BBCs Edwardian in Colour series, focusing on ALBERT KAHN.
I only caught one episode and it was focused on his travels around the globe at the turn of recent history. Given unprecidented access and security, Albert Kahn travelled the world recording all the most amazing cultures of man, before their colourful traditions were lost to the history books forever via wars, electricity and swifter travel. Stunning photos of tibeten monks, Inidan holy men, Moroccan bazaars...everything looked like an epic lost film that was shot yesterday and had everyone who was watching the television awestruck.
So i came back to blog it, and i cant find fuck all on him.
For the new tagger or shit street artist, google their name and your find a million forum hits on stickerforum/ or a self promoted shite selling bad tees and sticker packs...but when it comes to amazing art, truly historic and breathtaking photos...i cant find shit to share with episodes on books in stock on amazon...nowt... so please take my post seriously and if you have cable and are lucky to see it in the schedules - remember ALBERT KAHN - BBCS EDWARDIAN IN COLOUR...when its about his photographs....truly amazing....
heres what i did find...

a picture of a tibetan criminal locked in a box



this ones for those that have a bit of cash burning a hole in their pocket ...if you have you might wanna run over to Arkitip to pick up one of their latest offerings (magazines, prints, extras...they always deliver)...Phil Frost prints.
Not cheap, but limited and hand done by the artist himself...and for those in the UK why not take advantage of our pounds strength over the dollar? unframed £180? much cheaper than a gallery piece....


Sunday, April 29, 2007


two of the biggest dogs in the pound getting up to god knows what...HAHAHAHA


Eelus dropped us the flyer for a shindig hes taking part in this week...pop along and support a top boy...looks good (im very intrigued by the 'welsh DJ Shadow' - im half welsh you see...bring on the wisecracks!)


dropped the flyer a while back but at last chimp is uploading photos from his show in Milan, and it looked hot...cant wait to get out to Berlin and see what he does on the walls of a 40ft corridor!



Australia recently was the stage for the latest shows by old dilly amigo and wundergenius stefan marx and boy did stefan bring some fucking goodies to that funny shaped island! heres some snaps of what he dropped on good old oz....

..and a little chat with the marx...


Hola everyone!
back in the blogging buisness after a few days off soaking some sun in the south of Spain, and it feels like a long time away from the old blog....
First post back and its celebrating a subject thats come to me from two diffrent angles in the space of 4 days - Iggy and the Stooges.
It started when the good old Mr Neate sent me this fantastic link to a great little promo clip to promote the new stooges LP that you have to watch...

thank you Mr Neate!

The second Stooges incident occured when it was my birthday and my awesome girlfriends parents got me the Iggy Pop biography which i highly fucking rate....if you like Iggy, rock, punk or whatever sums up good shit to you, you need to cop a copy on sight! or just follow the link and get your visa card out...


still the best...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Miami Ink meets LA gangbanging

hey good looking...

seems like Todd James has been working in cahoots with the aqua teen hunger force film by doing some illustrations, and im really feeling these two shamlessly stolen from his blog...but im absolutly in love the ninja turtle font!!! too good!
as well as that 'Attitude dancer 2' has finally dropped stateside! This summer keeps getting hotter and hotter...

to visit / bookmark his blog, head over to the links section on the right...(reas international)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Gorillaz RIP.....kind of

One of the best large scale projects of the last decade has to be the Gorillaz...forget the music ( i do ), just look at the mountain of amazing Hewlitt work, the global impact its had and its doesnt take you half a second to realise how special it is. I've always been into his (Hewlitts) work, rather than Damons (and dangermouse / automator) i have mixed feelings about some news thats just broke on there will be no more Gorillaz music.
Now i really dont care about any more tunes, but this does mean no more videos or tight packaging - BOO! However how will they bow out? by a full length animation film and rumours mention one of my heroes - Terry 'fucking' Gilliam - FUCKING HELL! that to me is a dream in heaven - Terry Gilliam and Jaimie



aka my birthday drinkdown...everyone invited!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

musick heads up no.2

its been a quiet week on the ol' art related front, so a thousand aplogies for the slowness of this blog...and even more apologies in advance as im off to south spain next week for a week break by the sea...however when i get back, EVERYONE must be in attendance at dreambagsjaguarshoes on the 27th as its my birthday bash. And thats an order!
This post is the weekly musick post...
this weeks theme is Michel Gondry, and more importantly his influence on a new batch of directors
this next one is great, focusing on one of my knightmares, but making it upbeat and moving

for the WTF michel gondry file...
and finally a great video for the awesome Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, which is only linked to Gondry by mad genius...Bonnie comes back home as a eagle/hunting bird...i think...

Monday, April 16, 2007


I-Saw...aka Barney & Rachel...two of the nicest folks walking the planet, and recently two of the newest coolest parents ever. They have dropped their long awaited website, showcasing their garms and skills in an old school (victorian not '79 old school) vibe...always on the move, always creating, always the best...its all in the detail, and trust me, when you see these in the flesh jaws will drop


i tried to get more flicks but the sites a bugger to pull em from, so follow le link and check it out for yourself!


got this photo from chimp...PS get better!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Maakies cartoon

one of comics most famous undergrounds titles of recent times 'Maakies', has been made into a cartoon series. Heres the first episode, and if you likey theres more on youtube, but dont sleep on the comics! or the drunken crow toy!

UPDATE - the dilly blog feels very honoured to have the creator of Maakies check this little corner of the internet to update and rectify my post in the comments section...

"That's not the new cartoon, that's ten years old.
Go to for the latest Drinky Crow news about cartoons.


so i was a goose posting that clip thinking its the new stuff, so im sorry all for any confusion, but just because its 10 years old doesnt mean it shouldnt be seen again! thanks mr millionare and keep up the amazing work!


when you can basically read (almost) everything on the internet, when you buy a book nowadays it sometimes feels like it should be special to justify the money....and when you encounter Brian Chippendales epic 'NINJA', you know you got some of that special goodness.
Standing tall at the size of a fat baby, this big (tall wise) book collects some of Brian Chippendales pysch DIY comics that have graced your eyes from fort thunder to his band lightning bolts covers.
It is worth every penny and when you see it in the papery flesh youll be getting the readys out quicktime. Another essential book to dent your shelves in the best way possible

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Classick musick triple bill pt1

every week i wanna drop some good music, so if you have any favourites - let me know!!!! can you guess who they are?
two from the past...

one from the now...
...the jury is still out on this one...


when it comes to wrecking east london boozers and drooling about 'funhouse' (the LP not pat sharp classic series) none is better company than the SKULLPHONE. He has updated his site, so go have a peek.


See you in Liverpool!...

...are words i never thought i would think, let alone put on my blog, but its true...i wanna go to Liverpool...why? because (and i know i say this a lot) one of my favourite artists is having their biggest exhibition in Tate Liverpool in a few months, and i have to witness it.
Who is it? well it is truly (madly & deeply) one of my favourite artists of all time, and is of course the king of british pop art, king of modern icon design, king of collage and canvas, of galleries and records sleeves....PETER BLAKE!
This is a tough post.Im really struggling to write this see how do you describe how and why you love someones art? is it influence - personal and in a historic sense? is it their aesthetic, longevity and width of work? their vision and/or life ethics? i dont know and i tongue tied, or in this case when it comes to blogging, finger tied. I love him, his work always floors me and i will love his shit till the day my lil ticker gives in. VIVA LE BLAKE!

PS i met the chap once and was starstruck for the first and only time. It didnt help i was drunk, but he was kind enough to give me a of those cases of heroes standing the real life encounter and coming off better. I love the man
Follow the link for more information, and ill see you there

Peter Blake at the Tate

hahaha FUCK YEAH!

another cheeky theft from Ekosystem (sorry Eko!) but this is totally worth the jail time!
Chas from the London police is perhaps one of the most well known legends walking the globe at the moment. Home in any city, close friends in all ports...the guy is a walking beat classic in modern guise, and i love him for it. Amsterdam is where he hangs his hat (when he's not globe trotting) and this guide is his take on his chosen home. I really can say after discovering Amsterdam with the unexpected help of TLP & Galo when i was over there with Mysterious Al and Ronzo, you really havent done amsterdam without taking in some of their reccomendations...if your going to 'dam check the link

Chas of Dam

PS whens dogs and dinners dropping Chas?


hello everyone, sorry about the no updates recently, but ive been a busy landlord evicting unwanted illness from my body...but thankfully ive got back to full strength in time for this little peach!
say what you will about VIce magazine, old blue last patrons and whatever else you want to get off your chest but you have to admit that the old blue last has got a fucking amazing history of live events and this is the cherry on the cake for of my genuine heroes Ian Svenonius is giving a reading and djing upstairs from 8pm this friday. Hes the suave dude currently rocking VBS 'soft focus' (which sucks as it never works) and is all out greatness (rollins? mackaye? WK?)...nation of ulysees is one of my favorite all time bands, but add to that the make up and weird war and you got a certified god...go friday night and be in the presence of a legend!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

We're rollin' they're hatin'

wow...French is part of what to me (being an ex geek...ok the 'ex' part is still to be confirmed...) is one of the best themed shows for a, change that...FOREVER!
"We're rollin' they're hatin' " is a show dedicated to the world of fantasy orcs, wizards, elves and everything else you'd expect to find airbrushed on a hippys jean jacket...awesome!
As well as French, theres paper rad (!) and a whole bunch of people, so if your in the area...get there, but im keeping my eyes locked in case it tours, or a catalogue is dropped....ROLL ON! (ooohhh the punnery!)

Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch

Some real tasty stuff happening over here, real tasty...

Illustrated Ape goes 3-D!

a year in the making and its almost ready to of the best (and longest running?) illustration magazines on shelves, are about to drop what looks like a classic issue. NEW studios never dissapoint so thats one reason to 2 jAKE covers? and 3-D goggles? SOLD!
heres a saucy peek...


Wednesday, April 4, 2007


If you cant get to Hull to see Pinkys show, bop over to flickr and get your fix of pink flavoured goodness...quick march!...

(i cant seem to copy flickr images - THE BASTARDS! so be brave and head over there)

Bfree @ Subaquatica

Heres a shot from Bfrees latest exhibtion, which as you probably have read here, is currently on at the Subaquatica space in Madrid, for more work....GO TO THE SHOW!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Pure Evil

I'm really feeling this new pure evil print, if you are too, read on...

"Theres 2 editions:

1. signed edition of 300 . ( 55 by 75 cm )

2. signed edition of 6 . ( 110 by 110 cm)
With all the names of the Bastards hand drawn in invisible UV ink on the print by PURE EVIL .
U.V. light included .

to purchase this lovely print on fancy art paper visit HERE"

Nice one Charlie boy!

Holy Shit - ALAKAZAM!

talk about 'softly softly'! when did this beast of greatness awake to cause havoc on my visa card?
Will Sweeney, one of the best and most innovative illustrators working today (in my opinion) drops a fucking fantastic site selling all of his goodies, including some super super rad new prints....too good!


Dan Witz

For those too scared to go into the moshpit, it looks like Dan Witz is dropping some works that capture it perfectly, so head over to DFaces space for what seems to be their strongest show to date.

‘Oil paintings by Dan Witz'
His first ever solo show in the UK
This Thursday 5th April from 6.30pm - 930pm

open to the public from 6th April - 6th May.
In association with The Old Truman Brewery, Sosho & Tiger Beer

StolenSpace Gallery
(off Dray Walk)
Old Truman Brewery
Brick Lane
E1 6QL
Tel: 020 7247 2684

good mosh here at about 1.24 in

Monday, April 2, 2007


Karen-O & Kool Keith.
These two icons have dropped a track together, check it here....

Sunday, April 1, 2007


this week saw me bring a LONG and overdue close to the 'sympathy...' trilogy of films...BOO! God knows why i took so fucking long to getting round of catching 'Sympathy for mr vengence'..but it was stupidly long...and when i caught it, i was annoyed i had slept on such a great film.
Most people have seen the stone cold classic 'Oldboy' but who has bothered checking the other 2 masterpieces - Lady vengence & sympathy for mr vengence??? Have you even seen Oldboy? Well take my word, these films and fucking insanely good. Disgusting, hard boiled, genius, fun, cool...everything a decent cinema watcher needs! Here for the newcomer is the order i think you should do the films...basically in reverse



this billboard image is stolen from Ekosystem (sorry Eko!), but i really love this piece..a nice piece of street last!!!!
anyone got any info on the artist OX?

Taylor McKimens

I LOVE this guy.
This is why i like doing a blog, so i can share my excitement when i come across something really good.
I remember seeing his installations made out of card (i think in that 'live throught this' deitch book), his stuff like super detailed cars that really blew me away, but then i didnt chase up finding any more about him. Stupid me! I went to my comic shop the other day and picked up a copy of the great THE DRIPS by one Taylor McKimens. The same dude that made those mad installations....this guy is too good. If you can pick up a copy of THE DRIPS - DO IT! If you like david lynch in technicolour then you'll love it. Go to his site and get some extra dripping greatness

THE DRIPS CAN BE GOT HERE (in COMICS section, but surf around and kill that credit card!)