Monday, April 30, 2007


its true, sometimes the most beautiful things are the rarest.
While on holiday in spain i was fucking lucky and caught part of the BBCs Edwardian in Colour series, focusing on ALBERT KAHN.
I only caught one episode and it was focused on his travels around the globe at the turn of recent history. Given unprecidented access and security, Albert Kahn travelled the world recording all the most amazing cultures of man, before their colourful traditions were lost to the history books forever via wars, electricity and swifter travel. Stunning photos of tibeten monks, Inidan holy men, Moroccan bazaars...everything looked like an epic lost film that was shot yesterday and had everyone who was watching the television awestruck.
So i came back to blog it, and i cant find fuck all on him.
For the new tagger or shit street artist, google their name and your find a million forum hits on stickerforum/ or a self promoted shite selling bad tees and sticker packs...but when it comes to amazing art, truly historic and breathtaking photos...i cant find shit to share with episodes on books in stock on amazon...nowt... so please take my post seriously and if you have cable and are lucky to see it in the schedules - remember ALBERT KAHN - BBCS EDWARDIAN IN COLOUR...when its about his photographs....truly amazing....
heres what i did find...

a picture of a tibetan criminal locked in a box


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