Monday, April 30, 2007


my good man, CAPISH 74, a writer from Paris (you still there dude?), sent me this link. I havent heard it yet, but i love Capish, so i had to big it up and post it here...PS the image at the end was my choice for the post...PPS you need to join sendspace to get it, but its free and when you surf the music blogs, its a handy thing to be joined up to...
"hello my friends! i'll be quick..
ya like hip-hop?!
if oui, this is our new mixtape, Under "Connection" Skillz Vol.4 made with E.V records, Mumbles Hip-hop, Librestyle and our radio, Mixlawax. feel free to download it, print the cover, pass the link to your friends, and play it louder!
underCskillz vol.4 mixed by FAZTMS
we keep the hip-hop alive, days are gonna be (more and more) hard in france soon.. but we hang in there!
many thanks for all your supports!

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