Tuesday, January 30, 2007


i HATE movies sometimes.....apparantly theyve only gone and made (from what ive read) a bad/mediocre film on one of my all time favourites gustav klimt


and its got john malkovich!!! ARGH!

right, for those rolling their eyes now, sit on my middle finger. Klimt is AMAZING....forget all those granny calanders youve seen in museums a million billion times...go out, but the taschen book and see how much of a genius dude he was. If he dropped stuff now youd all sell your soul to get near his stuff....his stuff is so modern and stylised its incredible. His tree landscapes, my god when i saw david choes latest tree canvas..check the comparisons...check klimts berlin freeze for amazing monsters decades before where the wild things are dropped in book form...check his amazing death/river styx pieces...and gold? hell no kanye/mrt/jimmy saville....you aint got nothing on my boy Klimt...serious he is rocking my OG OG OG OG tag till infinity

an oldie but a goodie...

one of the highlights of my Madrid trip was catching up with el dudeo eltono (and as usual, all too briefly Nuria). I was telling chimp about this clip....so chimp its for you! i thought if chimp hasnt seen it then some other people might not have caught it yet....criminal!
Eltono works with Nuria, the key and the tuner. The reason why they are some of the best artists working today is that they come out regularly with amazing concepts and productions, that elevate it from simple aesthetic greatness (can you get any better with the basics than colourful lines?)...they constantly amaze and inspire and this is one of their cool little projects....sonic tagging. What is graf if not just repeating your name for onlookers to take in. Well why just write your name when you can constantly play out pre-recorded madrid writers names for the public to hear?

i thoroughly suggest picking up

the stick it zine

rojos book of their work

Monday, January 29, 2007


if your in NYC make sure you head over to check out the ever excellent Brian DeGraw (of GangGangdance hipster infamy)

P (212) 577-1201 F (212) 577-1202


after watching the last south bank programme on Damian Hirst i actually liked him, he wasnt annoying or arrogrant...his group show wasnt that hot (banksys piece was rubbish but i like the neon coffin and the car with the moving pleasure hand)...but i got sent this image...its a stain glass made out of butterflies...crazy...


the bar has been raised for the best magazine give out....screw those free comodor 64 demo tapes, penny sweets or a pencil with a feather or some crap give away...Arkitip has exceeded themselves with a Peter Beste tee with their new issue...too good

Arkitip VS Peter Beste

Studio Space Invader

hey gang, sorry for the lack of updates, but since i touched down from Madrid lifes been crazy hectic and i havent had a chance to jump on the net...so sorry bout that (like you care at all!). Heres a little space invader video by Giant Robot..i quite like 'the scream' done by rubicks cube and the bubble bobble piece in the back ground (one of the all time classic games)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


yes yes!
went and picked up the first title for the dilly in 07 - MIKE SWANEY...more news when ready to sell...but start getting the readies ready because this zine is HOT (of course it is! its got the dilly seal of awesomeness)


Tuesday, January 23, 2007


When i got home from Spains capital i was greeted by a little jiffy envelope full of treasure - some copies of WETWET by Joe83 & ZBK.
Earlier on i posted about their dope show in Prague, and the catalogue that went with it...and they blessed me with a few copies...and all i can say is, if you ever get the chance to grab a copy - DO! it is stone cold DOPE...the kinda shit that i go bananas over...dirty, rough, funny, polaroids, full of style and love of graf...these guys are awesome. On some NLS (Next Level Shit), which is crazy euro pysch melded with copies of style wars and classic disney dvds whilst listening to big daddy kane and sonic youth...im loving it....green and black printed..awesomeawesomeawesome


PS look out for a London show soon thanks to the Dilly!

(dont forget, send your zines to me and ill shove em up here)


just got back from Madrid and the opening of my first solo show, Peel Slowly and See at Subaquatica...
first up i want to say a huge big thank you to Sergio for inviting me, Chimp, Nano y Ezba for their amazing help, and without whom the show wouldnt have been possible...really guys - thank you! I also want to thank Duncan, Richie, Mike, Meds & Mjar for coming out and also to everyone i met (eltono)- thanks for having me! Oh yeah, no bragging, but the opening was busy so thank you to every single person who came!!!
Madrid is awesome, and a really really cool place to be...i really didnt know what to expect but i loved the city, with the grand boulevards and mad nightspots, thoroughly reccomended if youve done Barcelona.
Subaquatica is a cool spot and im really really honoured to have done something there. This year theyve got Bfree and Maya Hayuk doing shows, so they have their shit on point and to have been asked to do something with them is a real honour for me.
Anyways, i had a great time, but it was pure work and then when i could relax it was the opening party which = oblivion and then before i knew it i was on the plane home pining for another day or two out there......and if anyone there is reading this - please send me back my dancing Saddam toy (see picture) and if anyone saw that tv interview with me, let me know how crap it was!!!! hahahahaha VIVA MADRID

heres the main wall...

i could only carry 1 suitcase of stuff, so i did the other wall with some frowsyhq prints

my lifelines...thank you!

i managed to buy a dancing Saddam doll kitted up for hiding in a hole in the ground for only 7 euros...so naturally he guarded the sweets at the opening

Friday, January 12, 2007

just when i thought it was out....

...it came back. I thought the urban vinyl toy craze had died. I mean the whole scene had become a joke (was it even a scene?)because everything was crap...well 99% was. The last thing i saw i liked (but couldnt justify spending money on - not when i got zines to get to the printers) was the pushead vs kaws...until now. DOOMs got his own toy, and at $35 aint gonna bust no paypal account...nice!

Madvillany in vinyl form

Thursday, January 11, 2007



next saturday, the 20th, i will be in Madrid, at Subaquatica, to be there for the opening of my first solo show - 'peel slowly and see'...and this is a cordial invite to you, if your in the area please come down...and if you cant but know cats in Madrid, spread the word

im bricking it!

two slices of genius

from one of the best hiphop documentaries 'fade2black' which is great (anoter classic slice is when Jay-z goes to Rick Rubins house and goes buffalo spotting)

hahahahahahahahaha....BIG BOY CLOCK! DONT PLAY ABOUT! c'mon christopher guest, do a spinal tap meets grime music...gotta be done


stand up London town, theres a show coming bringing the heat to the winter sticken streets of our fair old Londinium - In Selected Stores Only.
Elms Lester, perhaps Londons finest urban based gallery (history + pedigree of artists + no in your face attitude = to me, greatness) has got some of the best artists on this globe for a cool group show - ADAM NEATE,ANTHONY LISTER,PHIL FROST,SPACE INVADER,WK INTERACT. Everyone a sureshot, so catching this show should be a no brainer if your in London while its on. Neate is one of Londons nicest guys and finest artists, Lister is next level shit while being a grade A dude and WK,space invader & Phil frost have always been awesome to me, so this show...well ive said said it already, you just gotta go! go on - GO!


Wednesday, January 10, 2007


some say skulls are played out, but i show the middle finger to that...skulls are always good in my book, and this is stone cold badness from WAY back in the day
(stolen link from Fecal face - i like to credit pages if i find something interesting, i aint no link robber)


whatever your into there are favorites - favorite records, crisps, trainers...whatever...me im a printed matter nerd - magazines, books, zines...love em...in my list of top magazines ever (big statement) has to be worldsigns. Worldsigns was Staks awesome mgazine that had a real short life, but did the classic...every issue was a must have, a keeper, something i keep going back too. It never fell off. It never got corrupted. It was always a 10 out of 10...something burning so bright did go out, but it looks like the light has gone back on...with NUSIGNS....now i havent got a copy yet, but i know that this is another keeper, another banger of paperpages...and i cant wait to get one, so if you can, get one.




been a fan for a while of his polaroids and his art, so its always good to read a bit more about the dude, even if the author wants to have his kids (opening scribble - "beautiful face and a De Menil pedigree" hahahahaha...) anyway, he might be selling to saatchi and be elevated to super cool bright young NY art star, but i still think hes got talent and his hamster hotel partys are such a good idea

Chase Dash Snow here...


that title is the name is SENOR B or mr burns latest zine. SENOR B is a dude. Hes from Munich town and is a good time painter. Always up for a beer and laugh and dropping greatness with a pen or a can of paint. Todays postman dropped the latest in his line of well made, extremly hot zines. This one is sadly all gone, as there were only a handful made, but im super glad he blessed me with one - THANKS MATE! the lowdown dilly is that its some lovely shots of his work in abandoned spaces. I also reccomend the previous zine he did with his child...too good.
dont forget if you got a zine that i can feature, hit me up for my address - pmhmaster@hotmail.com

Tuesday, January 9, 2007


my ol' buddies goldtooth have dropped some paint on dreambagsjaguarshoes walls for MEDs birthday bash (meds = another good boy)...anyway word is its v.v.v.good, so cant wait to check it, but itll be down soon so hurry!

Monday, January 8, 2007

Chimp VS Robots in Disguise

...video is on youtube now....

Miyazakis next

good news for fans of animation genius Miyazaki, hes announced that hes getting back beind the camera for a new film.
Its based on a chinese book called 'i lost my little boy' and is apparantly an upbeat story of a boy dying of heart disease. The funny / cool / letdown (depending on your stand point) is that the book, written by a chinese man, is set in a world populated by anime characters, including Totoro...as with most Miyazaki projects he might change his mind fifty times before a film gets made, but at the moment, this is the most strongest news since Howls release...just a shame that even if he was starting the film tomorrow, it would be out for years...

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

when worlds collide

harmony korine VS david letterman..wha?


a few minutes back peeps got hot and sweaty over suicide girls. too many bad tats and crappy piercings to get me going, but i could see a breath of fresh air was a good thing for many... it seems that the suicide girls seem to be taking the lead from primetime playboy in the best way possible.
As well as T&A (thats TITS and ASS) playboy (and penthouse) featured some of the most well respected and opinionated writers of its time, which bulked out the mag with some good brain food believe it or not. Anyway it seems that suicide girls have got on top of the interview game and got some good (if short) interviews with really good people. Including one of my fav visionaries ALEJANDRO JODOROWSKY

check out EL TOPO himself..then go here for more cool people (two of the last three interviews are Alan Moore and Alex Winter aka Bill from Bill & Ted!).


yeah! this is one way to KILL your credit cards...one of the reasons i wanna go to LA is some cool spots - new image art, supreme with the bowl...and OOGA BOOGA..and now theyve only gone done put up an online store! now you can powerboost your hipster shelfs with ryan mcginley postcards, paper rad & 7"s...place is awesome

i highly reccomend this little tome as a must buy

and this

..but to be honest its all good!



wooster dropped this gem today which i had to share (although who doesnt check Wooster?) which is a Flickr archive of OG LA gang graf...too hot