Tuesday, January 30, 2007


i HATE movies sometimes.....apparantly theyve only gone and made (from what ive read) a bad/mediocre film on one of my all time favourites gustav klimt


and its got john malkovich!!! ARGH!

right, for those rolling their eyes now, sit on my middle finger. Klimt is AMAZING....forget all those granny calanders youve seen in museums a million billion times...go out, but the taschen book and see how much of a genius dude he was. If he dropped stuff now youd all sell your soul to get near his stuff....his stuff is so modern and stylised its incredible. His tree landscapes, my god when i saw david choes latest tree canvas..check the comparisons...check klimts berlin freeze for amazing monsters decades before where the wild things are dropped in book form...check his amazing death/river styx pieces...and gold? hell no kanye/mrt/jimmy saville....you aint got nothing on my boy Klimt...serious he is rocking my OG OG OG OG tag till infinity

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