Thursday, May 31, 2007


sometimes he's toooo good....wheres top duck to save us bfree?

French down under

Zine Sale - Prologue

so last saturday was my lil' zine sale at was a horrible shitty rainy day (quel suprise Londinium), but still people came and good times were had. I really enjoyed was a nice cosy atmosphere - good tunes, good visuals, a big open bar, big sofas and lots and lots of zines! We sold a few, lots of people read and some good good people made zines especially for the day!
It reminded me of why i love the zine scene so much...yes the art /content is super super imortant, but to me the thing i love /get blown away most by, is the human contact, the way everythings homemade and done with love and people who make zines generally are guaranteed to be the nicest people, so when you have an event like this...well it was a perfect way to sit out a shitty rainy day.
The thank yous... everyone who came, everyone who i was in contact with who couldnt make it/send zines, Blu & friend, Bfree, ZBK, Pedor fancy pants, Caferoyal (a BIG thanks), Mark Pawson, Mjar, Tristan Manco, Product 2, ESCzine, Stefen M, Gooey Lewis, Mr Mullet for ace djing, 243 Skate crew (Chimp, Ichi, Lucas, Sami & Toni)..and penny drops for the invite


some of the zines...

PS on dilly news...the website was finished on tuesday night, just waiting for my proper internet to be fixed - hopefully next week will be launch week! One hot new zine off to the printers, one hot zine just been lined up - keep em peeled!...and most of you havent been able to properly get the great MIKE SWANEY 'ARTIFACTS FROM FINLAND YET'! Patience! good things come to those who wait....


Amazingly bad covers...something to while away your time with...


Back in 1945 Walt Disney went to dinner and met Salvador Dali. They were both big fans of each others work, and soon got round to talking about collaborating together on a off Dali went for 8 months sketching and working on the project, which was named 'Destino'.
Destino was pulled because Disney was in bad finances (blame WW2 kids...) and the project, including storyboards and test animations were scrapped....until 2003, when it was finished by Disneys nephew, Roy Edward Disney.
It was premiered in 2003 in a French animation festival, but has been rarely seen (if ever) since...until the Tate stepped in and will show it in their upcoming Dali exhibition.
As a fan of Disney, Disneys pysch clips, surrealism and pyschadelic insane shit, needless to say i'm looking forward to this one...

think Disneys for kids? check this with Sabbath on the soundtrack...

as well as Fantasia, check Alice in Wonderland (of course) and my two non crazy favs - Aristocats (swinging jazz in Paris) and Hercules (Scarfe hotness)

Monday, May 28, 2007

Got it!

the opening sequence of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie has surfaced on Youtube...why should you catch it? because two greats - Devin Flynn & Todd James, thats why!


Australia has always been a hotspot of greatness (Lister, pot of gold shows, Shwipe, Refill mag, PAM & Modular records to name but a few) but recently my attention and excitment has been focused on the awesome Monster Children.
Monster Children bring out hot printed matter after hot printed matter and host what looks like Sydneys finest shows (Espo, Ease, French, Stefan Marx...) in their own gallery... and these guys keep going from strength to strength.
Head over to their site, and stock up on backissues of their mags...

If your in their Sydney area on the second, check out their stall at a zine fair

and keep uptodate with their aftershow escapades with their posting on the australian part of skateblog Streetbeers

Keep up the awesome work Joseph and Co!

Sunday, May 27, 2007


man o man, Johnny Ryan Condoms! the irony...goes on the shelf with the Arkitip Terry richardson condoms...


"Here, artist Le Gentil Garçon collaborated with palaeontologist François Escuillié to create this resin vision of Pac-Man's skull, which was based off human and predatory animals. Points out the obvious: Popping pellets requires big chompers and strong bones. "

Nick Haymes

Get over to Nieves and buy the Nick Haymes book...hes gonna be one to

Ginley Vices

Living in London, chances are your burnt out on Kate Bloody Moss (I fucking am)...but it takes a pro to make someone so ubiquous and seen every where, to be interesting again, and that genius is the constant Ryan McGinley. His Moss works are on TinyVices, the site that keeps slapping that AMAZING level with each post...

while there, check HEREfor his works when he followed the Morrisey tour

Hip (Hop) Cartoons

I do believe we live it what must be a great age in cartooning...true, it seems to be stepped in heavy influence from the pysch/early morning american cartoons of the mid sixties to late seventies, but you cant argue that most cartoons on cartoon network or adult swim, aren't works of art, or great pieces of television - both, way past the atypical view that cartoons are just dumb drawings for kids.

I guess it started with the Ren and Stimpy show, bringing back crazy plots and ideas, mixed with fantastic fiftie-esque art (whats the diffrence between 'Stimpy and the gallery artist Tim Biskup?)...we've gone through Samurai Jack, the satire of South Park,the onslaught of intellectual anime (ghost in the shell was hardly 'rude dog and the dweebs'), adult swim bringing the adult all tastes and looks good...but now theres big bucks backing creative people and the equation = good things...
One thing that has surprised me though, is by how much the rap fraternity has embraced this.
I first got interested when the WuTang were knocking about a cartoon in interviews (think about ol dirty on cell animations!), but things have gone way past the talking phase and into actual shows being aired...the latest one - class of 3000.
Class of 3000 stars everyones favourite Andre 3000, who has written a new song for each episode...that fact along shows this isnt some crappy phone in the script down the telephone gig, but that this show is obviously an important project to him..and i think it should be appluaded that hes doing it...heres a few tastes (excuse some of the poor quality youtubes)...

love the sixties papercut homage to the supremes etc on this

but class of 3000 isnt a stand alone excericise - hell no...

David Banner (dirty south MC) has got in on the action...

MF doom presenting on Adult Swim (cartoon channel)

Afro Samurai feat Samual L Jackson and scored from RZA\

hip hop and cartoons? who would of thought it?

New PINKY show - En Brighton

Transmission from Mr Pinks..
Brighton this Friday 1st June.
Freestyle papercut characters.
New A3 print.
Skull cookies

Tidy Street

Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Gondry promo!

this time for Ol' Macca, and i gotta say, even though its got Gareth and Natalie Portman...I'm not feeling it...perhaps some more watches might turn me around, or is that simple brainwashing? besides isnt this for that new Starbucks records label?



Wednesday, May 23, 2007


sometimes when something has been around for a long time, it kinda gets slept on as people scurry for the next best thing...and this is wrong!!!! SO WRONG! you know its like when bands are overhyped by the time their first album drops, and by their third LP theyre forgotten about because theres some new hipband to love, even though this band is making better music than ever before but they are still puzzingly kinda slept on?
well i kind of feel that with Ekosystem....because I LOVE EKOSYSTEM.
Streetart is on the hush at the moment, as opposed to the last few years where every marketing department was employing some streetart rip off graphic designer (never the actual artists themself oh no!) and every week there was a new shit book out on sticker art by some random person with a digital camera.....and this i think is a good thing for a scene, like skateboarding in the early ninties and hip hop before the wu...things get big, then go underground where shit gets tightened and tweaked, away from the limelight.
I check Ekosystem every day, because there is always something good going on... and you should too!
Eko is a dude, ive only met him briefly once, but he has always been working on the scene, promoting, hosting and actually making art...and well i just wanna big up Ekosystem, because today there is some great stuff there (HNT,Popay, pornofitti) is always the case...


New Nick Zinner

Nick Zinner is not only in one of the best bands (yeahyeahyeahs) but as you hopefully have found out by now, he is also one talented photographer (see - 'i hope you are all happy now' )...and tiny vices continue their excellence by showcasing some of his new stuff, go check it out....


first time ive repeated a post - apologies

Iluustrate Ape and Carhartt VS YOU

another day, another chance to get your work seen by the masses (see the tate open call)...this time the great Illustrated Ape magazine has teamed up with Carhartt to offer you a chance to design an ad for Carhartt that will be run in Illustrated Ape. If you win, as well as getting your work printed, you apparantly get a shitload of gear.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

hot sleeve!

Parra is one of Europes scrap that, the worlds...greatest illustrators at the moment, and on his blog was this sneak peek at his cover for a new Kurt Cobain book...heat!

'How we are photographin Britain' at the Tate

a great project here from the Tate...upload photos to their Flickr site and it might be used in a show at Tate modern...alongside Martin Parr and others!


The Bomb(er)

dope fonts aplenty on this lil youtube gem...i know nose art has been used by bape & D*face...but shit is still great


Whenever Lister drops a new show or new work, its generally a wake up call to many many artists to step their game up or to realise that its GAME OVER...boy never brings anything less than heat, so you have been warned world!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Phil Frost Studio

Fancy a peek round Phil Frosts studio? Well Supertouch has just been and the pictures ARE HERE

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Funk Carioca on film...

Funk carioca aka baile funk...aka ghetto music of the favelas...has been played pretty hard over the last few years in hipster circles (who have now moved on to kuduru - bandwagonjumpers!) but with Bonde De Roles more art edged takings slowly blowing up (after CSS fame), it seems Carioca is here to stay, and im mad happy....but im also excited about the lastest rumblings from Mad Decent.
Mad Decent is the label from Diplo, who arguably brought the worlds focus to Carioca...and stills have slipped out from a film on the music..which will not doubt be super super dope...after all the clip below to one of diplos early videos is still a firm favorite of mine and i feel it being extended will be nothing but amazing...

What more can i say?

also if you have requests for sabbath and tracks that would suit in between - leave em in the comments!

Another show coming up for London...


two shows of UK side, one Spain side..both HEAT..


old dilly friend, bringing her magick in Europe at last (nice one Sergio!)


another show at Elms Lester, another must see...and this really will be...ive been waiting a long long time for EASE aka Jose Parla to do a decent gallery show in London (he did that rug travelling show at no.17 and any others?) so im real happy about the news that hes one of the two stars doing the show 'Pirate Utopias'...thats enough for me to go...and whos the other? none other than Futura!
see you there...


New works by legendary Brooklyn based artists:

July 6th - 28th 2007
Opening hours Tuesday - Saturday 12.00 - 6.00 pm
Late nights Thursdays until 9.00 pm
nearest tube: Tottenham Court Road
Admission FREE

PRIVATE VIEW: Thursday July 5th 6.00 - 9.00pm

t: 020 7836 6747 f: 020 7379 0789"


my gmail has been fucked (excuse the blue language), so i havent been able to check my mail but today i broke through the problem and checked it for the first time in ages and realised that it seems there are more than two of you that read this blog, and my god arent you great!!!
One of the many reasons i say this is is that i got a mail from a super talented guy who i just have to tell you guys about -Stephen Eichhorn...out the blue, a reply to my zine open call and i followed his link and saw the great work this guy is doing...awesome installations and drawings that i just really really like...i think theyre the kinda works that are even better in the gallery than in a jpeg..serious...follow the link and check out some great work. Fingers crossed im going to be getting some zines by him for my little zine market at the end of the now you gotta come!!! Thanks Stephen!



one of my personal highlights of youtube has been bizzles grime cribs...and to much personal hypeness right now...HES DROPPED ANOTHER! ON HIS CAMERAPHONE!! WHILE HE WAS FILMING TOPGEAR!!!
highlights are too numerous but i love it when he cant get out of the caravan...and when hes describing the bed - BIZZLE I LOVE YOU!


got sent this from chimp (thanks!)...apparantly it even plays music!!!!

We're Rollin' They're hatin'

A set of snaps has surfaced online for the awesome dungeons and dragons (and general RPG?) exhibition 'We're Rollin' They're hatin''. It looks super it should be!!!!
I cant post any shots because FLICKR are jump on that link and check it out for yourselves

Thanks Bfree for the heads up!
We're Rollin' They're hatin' X flickrshit


James Pearson Howes is a gent, a powerbastard and a big dog. I linked his site a few posts ago (well ages probably), but after a lil meeting last night, he dropped the gem that he has a blog too...the links on the right, and its another you gotta check out and bookmark quick sharp.
get them eyes peeled, more news on the dilly and james soon...


this is one of those links that goes through office emails like a curry through your body on a friday night, but its well worth linking for when your bored, and i never get tired of the super cool 8-bit look


The Haribou King

You've all probably dropped in on photographer JR's work at some point, but have you checked his site? well he puts up a new picture every day, so make sure you bookmark that shit...