Thursday, May 31, 2007

Zine Sale - Prologue

so last saturday was my lil' zine sale at was a horrible shitty rainy day (quel suprise Londinium), but still people came and good times were had. I really enjoyed was a nice cosy atmosphere - good tunes, good visuals, a big open bar, big sofas and lots and lots of zines! We sold a few, lots of people read and some good good people made zines especially for the day!
It reminded me of why i love the zine scene so much...yes the art /content is super super imortant, but to me the thing i love /get blown away most by, is the human contact, the way everythings homemade and done with love and people who make zines generally are guaranteed to be the nicest people, so when you have an event like this...well it was a perfect way to sit out a shitty rainy day.
The thank yous... everyone who came, everyone who i was in contact with who couldnt make it/send zines, Blu & friend, Bfree, ZBK, Pedor fancy pants, Caferoyal (a BIG thanks), Mark Pawson, Mjar, Tristan Manco, Product 2, ESCzine, Stefen M, Gooey Lewis, Mr Mullet for ace djing, 243 Skate crew (Chimp, Ichi, Lucas, Sami & Toni)..and penny drops for the invite


some of the zines...

PS on dilly news...the website was finished on tuesday night, just waiting for my proper internet to be fixed - hopefully next week will be launch week! One hot new zine off to the printers, one hot zine just been lined up - keep em peeled!...and most of you havent been able to properly get the great MIKE SWANEY 'ARTIFACTS FROM FINLAND YET'! Patience! good things come to those who wait....

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