Tuesday, March 10, 2009

JSBJ - Taxis pleins, Taxis vides...pt2

I dont think in the history of this blog I have deliberately blogged something twice...but in this rare exception, it is something i needed to do.
A week or so ago i got an email from Je Suis Une Bande De Jeunes in regards to their new book...and so I blogged the pictures they sent me...so far so good...but then i finally got my hands on a copy and i just had to write about it again...I felt i had criminally undersold such a great great book.
You see, to see just JPEGs from an email doesnt do this book justice (and im sorry thats all i can offer here!), it doesnt reflect the quality, detail, depth or vividness of the printing...the JPEG of Jeff Rians spot on introduction doesnt have the same impact in JPEG format as it does when you have this giant, thick and wonderful book in your hands, waiting to be enjoyed ...so you see I had to rectify my previous post, and really try and impress how awesome this book is to you all.
Looking at the constant opposites of nature vs urban, this is how photography books should be - thoughtful text, spot on layout and design, great production values and most importantly fantastic images. Thick with pages and ideas i cant recommend this highly enough.

Bebmo George Monograph

Bebmo George, to me, is one of Londons brightest new talents and this timely, beautifully produced (and ridiculously cheap) monograph book from Kingsland Rds Art Vanderlay imprint, shows just why he is someone to keep a close eye on...fantastical works, ranging from airbrushed landscapes/visions to simple spot on graphic design, Bebmo is a unique talent and this book is a must have, if just to save your embarrassment later when he is huge and ebay taunts you with high prices for this...CHECK IT HERE
PS sorry for the shit scans!!!

Valerie Phillips

As if dropping the best show at Dreambagsjaguarshoes ever wasn't enough for one week...shes only gone and dropped one of my favourite looking websites ever...CHECK IT HERE

Some awesome shows...

The ever awesome Erosie in Grenoble...

The ever awesome Michael Swaney curates in Barcelona

The ever awesome Mudwig Dans in Bristol...

The ever awesome Mark DeLong in NYC...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Having been to Ikea this very morning i am gutted i didn't have one these amazing pieces of camo....fucking great.
Grapevines buzzing about Maharishi closing its doors in London town...kinda poetic that this comes along like a great credit crunch version of Mhi....
PS nicked of Mysterious Al's blog l@@k r@re...

Urban camoflage


This thursday! Get to this to support the always awesome Valerie Phillips...i'm afriad i dont know Gemma Booth's work but thats another reason to get down there on thursday night to cause a Kingsland Rd roadblock!