Saturday, December 23, 2006


love it.
what you doing in miami art basel? an installation? is it a rip off of barrymcgee? is it some crazy construction in a white warehouse? really what left is there? what? WHAT! youve built a playground in a mall (for UK readers - shopping centre)? is it for the hipsters with irony? no? its built for the kids....sounds awesome...oh it is


Friday, December 22, 2006

bombin' with 3D & GOLDIE

puttin up them pictures brought back an old old documentary which showed future stars 3d (MASSIVE ATTACK and Pictures On Walls for all you banksy fans..) & goldie (Eastenders) before they got into studios (was 3D in the wildbunch then?)...peep it, Birmingham et Bristol represent!


while in Bristol yesterday i was walking near my girlfriends house, and stumbled upon this disused garage. I was told this graf was from the eighties and i felt like Inidana Jones discovering such amazing historic works of art, and i thought id share the exqusiteness with you..

Thursday, December 21, 2006

merry xmas from BFREE!!!

..and merry xmas to YOU bfree!


cant wait to see this/ download this

adult swim is hit and miss, they show a lot of funny garbage shit which is HIT, but then the show at dreambagsjaguarshoes is a big fat stinky where will this land?


agree or disagree? end of the year polls are as common now as ASBOS in Liverpool, but have a butchers at Pitchforks worst covers of the year

Melanie Jackson at the Arnolfini (Bristol)

just got back from Bristol, where i was lucky enough to catch Melanie Jackson installation 'Some Things You Are Not Allowed to Send Around the World' at the Arnolfini. WOW. If you are in Bristol, or are lucky enough to catch it in the future somewhere else - DO! its fucking amazing! She cuts up international newspapers to make these awesome and epic lnadscapes, from ghettos to mining communities...its so good. On top of this theres video installations, animations..its a must see.
There isnt much on the web, not even any pictures, so please dont take the picture ive used as representive of the show, its gotta be seen to be believed.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

JOE83 & ZBK show

JOE83 & ZBK = dope dope dope. They have a show in Prague which looks super cool, theyve also dropped a book/zine to go with it, so if your in prague - GO!
JOE83 & ZBK presents wet wet wet
Nabrezi Gallery
Horejsi Nabrezi-Praha 5
15.12.06 19:00

more pictures over at ekosystem (where i nicked this flyer from)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

pushin weight since 88

i like it when people take the other road, the road less travelled, the road that aint safe but is 1000% more exciting. Shoving blank canvases to artists to have a group show has been done a billion times i like it when people take part and flip it, here is chimps for a recent show...hes taken the staple canvas, and mutated beyond what they were hoping to sell (nice safe image guaranteed to get the cash register ringing)...he has little rooms or scenes for you to view, wrapped in a crazy pysch line drawing topped with a giant flashing 'FUK YOU"...nice!
Lister did something for his recent show in London with cardboard scenes, but i think Chimps taken it in a diffrent direction and did it before he saw/heard Listers piece, which is the important thing, because sometimes great minds really do think alike, chimp wrote a little bit to go with the picture, but i think its not needed as the art does the talking

attitude dancer 2!

just flipped to REAS's blog and saw that hes sending 'Attitude dancer 2' to the printers next week - YEAH! attitude dancer was REAS's colour in book and was im pysched that theres a second in the works...merry xmas indeed!


DYM on spring st

i knew it was coming...IRAKs blog is gonna drop info soon, woosters site seems a bit messed...seems woosters show ruffled a few feathers of NYC writers, and it looks like DYM crew stepped up to serve a big bit of beef for dinner...

[pic taken from SUPERTOUCH]


Monday, December 18, 2006

James Pearson Howes (.com)

big up man like James (aka Queenie, aka half of POWERBASTARD!) who has launched his website showcasing his awesome photos. The boys shot everyone for everyone... his stuff is too good....go check it out, and keep your eyes open in 07 for the dilly vs James!

Click here for the good stuff

YES! no youtube in a post!


...first up all apologies. i have OD'ed on youtube posts, and i hate shit that gets played out, but i came across this and had to post it....
this is more a musing, a transcription of sorts of some thoughts....fucking hell. For those into this strange street/outcast / modern pop art scene (or whatever pointless label you want to use) you gotta admit, 2006 was a turning point in this thing becoming either the mainstream or simply on the road to fulfilling its potential. The reason behind this is not because we have suddenly got good or better, the quality of the art (the most important thing) has always been there,no what im talking about is two events....1 - banksy in la and now 2 - the wooster show in NYC.
why woosters paint session? check out this video....
now thats a queue.its crazy. i've heard reports of people getting there to queue at 11 am and not getting in until before 5pm! madness, ture, but its not a stand alone incident.In London the latest Santas ghetto had its big queue...this is not a rant or criticism, and i wont stand on the 'keep it underground' bullshit soapbox like most graf heads believe, no this merely an observation of how popular our art is getting. With what must be record interest in 2006 (far beyond what some predicted, it being a fad), and now record prices for Banksy, its interesting to see what 2007 will bring...
i dont know what the point of this post is, i havent concluded anything, i just wanted to say, in a roundabout review of the year, that 2006 has been interesting, and this video is the cherry on the cake, and 2007 cant come soon enough!!!

oh and by the way, congratulations to marc & Sara

Sunday, December 17, 2006


another slice of non-art (or is it?) posting, with some classic music for you to watch, listen and savour in these cold winter days...



Saturday, December 16, 2006


OK as an early xmas treat for the cold days, im gonna break from the dilly blogs aim of just art related goodness, and drop a hot little combines two of my favourite things - scatman john and japanese monster films (i prefer Gamera to ultraman but hey...) thinking about getting it projected over my coffin at my funeral....

enjoy...and sing along!

Friday, December 15, 2006


see what happens when you mix a) too much port and mince pies with b) animation equipment. The greatness behind MTV2s best idents (I TOLD YOU MEG WHITE WAS SCARY) drop a lil holiday gem

bon appetit

Thursday, December 14, 2006


stuck for xmas presents for la familia? try these....

1.Pick a Winner DVD

top notch mind fuck dvd featuring paper rad animations rocking to the sounds of the locust and lightning bolt. Beats the queens speech or only fools and horses
Order here
TRY ALSO - 'wassup rockers', pirate dvds from Hackney tescos (casino royale, jackass2, pans labyrinth = £10 & perfect quality...sweet!)

2. 'Its all good' by Boogie BOOK

Throw that tea stained radio times at granny, grab the port and settle down for a look round some grimey photos or some grim places...but amongst it all, the good will out...sometimes. essential
Order here
TRY ALSO - poch and rock (see first blog post), surface2airs FLIP THE SCRIPT or castles and christians by j penry

3. Stick it ZINES

my good friend Pedor rocks zines really hard, and getting the ERS...well its a no brainer for stocking filler really is it?
Order here
TRY ALSO - fudge factory, johnny ryans COMIC HOLOCAUST

4.Plastic Little. MUSIC

OK, xmas needs new beats to get you going at work parties. This year, for many, was ruled by diplo, spankrock and all that...well these guys are the follow up, art students go un-pc rap...but done well. Cop the espo covered 12" for the 'now i holler track'...this has been out for a few minutes, but those that didnt know - now you know. Follow the link and get the limited ET 7"
Order here
TRY ALSO - mad decent mix cd, 'milk of human kindness' by caribou LP (£1 in fopp..every house should have it)

5.Do the right thing.MISC

OK so you want a stocking filler...well how about doing something good with your money? for less than the price of a pint (£3 average) a month you can help a cool beast like a tiger or a rhino. Ive got an monkey. Really. i do.
Order here
TRY ALSO - new gear from skullphone, mysterious al new prints...SAVING YOUR CASH FOR 2007 WHEN THE DILLY DROPS MAGIC

remember xmas isnt just about giving presents...

....its all about getting them

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


OK, its been a long time coming, but ive finally been offered my first solo show by somewhere that i like...and that place is Madrids Subaquatica. The opening night is saturday the 20th of January 2007, so if your around, please come on down!


as the days near to 2007, the days also count down to a new dawn, a new dawn for the dilly...and to kick start what looks like an epic year, is the first golden nugget of printed glory to drop into the world...MIKE SWANEY.
for those that dont know, Mike is an awesome artist who is part of the great human five collective from canada, and drops some out there greatness...i got the pdf preivew of the zine, and im telling you - your going to need oven mits to hold this puppy!!!!



Sunday, December 3, 2006


Chimp is one of the best of the best, and hes finally turned his hand to music promos. I think this is a good call, as MTV2 needs a right fisting right now for all the crap being shat into my living room.
Hes plumped for Robots in disguise, a band he has known for a long long time, and i remember seeing photos of the stage and instruments he made for them, from years back - that later creeped into the VRS performance (see zine reviews below).
Its gonna be a big video cos its got the slade guy from the boosh so expect it on your tellies soon, but cheer for the chimp...and if you wanna come to premiere and get sloshed with people dressed up as robots (REALLY) come to the shindig in the flyer


A few weeks back the Dilly was asked by Mike from Goldtooth (dude) to help out in putting on a paint session. It was called 'Upside down looking up' and we got it going on in the Dragon bar.
It started life when we heard Lister was in town (for his exhibition) and wanted to paint with some locals. Needless to say thats all we needed to call in the troops, and we also got some fellow australian artists to pop down to have a friendly clash of countries.
It was a great weekend of painting, and a nice opening, and heres a few pictures for those that didnt make it down. More pictures when the fully live dilly website creaks into life (3007?)

Big thanks to MJAR, and all the artists - esp Steve fromRinzen who came all the way from Berlin (and in thanks then to Puma too!)....

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


OK so you like marvel comics? you like REAS or the funny garbage crew (read = awesome crew), who were responsible for Crank Yankers....check Minoriteam....

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Paris Hair Blog

super genius Paris Hair has just launched his dont be a wart, go and check out the goodness, and link that motherf*cker!



here are a few zines i have been lucky enough to get over the past few weeks...if you have any i can feature here, please contact me ( and ill drop them here on the dilly blogspot

Redcastle no.2 by Michael Swaney
50 copies
Mike is truly one of the coolest guys i have met on my travels. He currently hangs his hat in Barcelona with his lovely girl, and is part of the amazing human five collective (check them HERE). This is his latest drop of greatness...but dont fret because he is currently close to dropping a zine that the dilly is going to put keep your eyes peeled on this future hero!

Visual Rock Stars BACKSTAGE PASS
??? copies (very few!)
done as a little promo gift for the VRS DVD that was given away with their Hessenmob skate deck, this zine is everything that they do - loud, bright, pushing things forward and full of goodness. Changing paper stock and sizes impressed the zine nerd in me, and the content is an overview of their much talked about Outside Institute show. Super Nice!

Thats a Lot of Blood I and Somewhat and slightly by Saru
50 copies (both issues)
Saru is a dude. Hes been around the London scene for a while, quietly watching and taking notes, but as these zines show, the boy is about to blow (up) in the best way possible. Essentially photojournals from his wanderings around - '...blood' in Japan and 'somewhat' around London. Really nice stuff, and im super pysched that hes getting his stuff out there - keep it up big L!

??? copies
ESC is a great read. Its the perfect toilet companion - and i mean that as the highest compliment! you can read it cover to cover and lose all track of time as you take in the well written articles. With pieces on Skull Juice (still sorry guys!), New Rave (made me laugh and agree so much), mysterious al and bloggers delight...if you can get a copy - DO!
check out their ESC msypace to get a copy

right! thats your lot...dont forget to send me some if you got any!


it seems like every week a new book cashes in on graf and streetart, and i thought that since the great 'also known as' dropped, i didnt know when a genuinly good book will deserve to be bought...but then this dropped out of nowhere and is an instant must have. I have know Pochs stuff for a while, but mainly his paste ups and ska/mod stuff he has done with HNT, but didnt know much about Rock...but this book has taught me a lesson, and i cant say enough good things about this book - get it!

get it here!

Saturday, November 18, 2006


so this is the beginning?

the dilly has been slow since its birth back in '05...but things that have been boiling are ready to serve...but as with the best meals, some things take longer to prepare...and a full website is first in the mean times, this blogspot will be the web face of the dilly operations...until a full site is up and running...enjoy!