Tuesday, November 28, 2006


here are a few zines i have been lucky enough to get over the past few weeks...if you have any i can feature here, please contact me (pmhmaster@hotmail.com) and ill drop them here on the dilly blogspot

Redcastle no.2 by Michael Swaney
50 copies
Mike is truly one of the coolest guys i have met on my travels. He currently hangs his hat in Barcelona with his lovely girl, and is part of the amazing human five collective (check them HERE). This is his latest drop of greatness...but dont fret because he is currently close to dropping a zine that the dilly is going to put out...so keep your eyes peeled on this future hero!

Visual Rock Stars BACKSTAGE PASS
??? copies (very few!)
done as a little promo gift for the VRS DVD that was given away with their Hessenmob skate deck, this zine is everything that they do - loud, bright, pushing things forward and full of goodness. Changing paper stock and sizes impressed the zine nerd in me, and the content is an overview of their much talked about Outside Institute show. Super Nice!

Thats a Lot of Blood I and Somewhat and slightly by Saru
50 copies (both issues)
Saru is a dude. Hes been around the London scene for a while, quietly watching and taking notes, but as these zines show, the boy is about to blow (up) in the best way possible. Essentially photojournals from his wanderings around - '...blood' in Japan and 'somewhat' around London. Really nice stuff, and im super pysched that hes getting his stuff out there - keep it up big L!

??? copies
ESC is a great read. Its the perfect toilet companion - and i mean that as the highest compliment! you can read it cover to cover and lose all track of time as you take in the well written articles. With pieces on Skull Juice (still sorry guys!), New Rave (made me laugh and agree so much), mysterious al and bloggers delight...if you can get a copy - DO!
check out their ESC msypace to get a copy

right! thats your lot...dont forget to send me some if you got any!

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Jeroen said...

I love copyzines!! MORE MORE!!!