Thursday, May 21, 2009

Piotr...round 2

TTC gallery and my mate Piotr? A NO BRAINER...its gonna be good!

Piotr Łakomy
29.05 - 26.06 2009
vernissage 29.05 2009, friday 17.00 - 21.00
TTC Gallery Asger rygs gade 5 kl. KBH. V. Copenhagen Denmark

Claire online

One of Londons best bookshops (if not THE) have finally gone and got a proper website...but do go there in person as its one of the last spots that actually has an amazing (if slightly cramped!) personality you need to experience


Saw this on Sixpacks Blog...looks fucking AMAZING...

can someone pay for the awesome Will Sweeney to do a 'Heavy Metal style' feature length film please?
For some reason the promo reminds me of this...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Tal-R at Victoria Miro

One of my personal favorite contemporary artists is without hesitation the mighty TAL-R...and he has a new show at the Victoria Miro gallery...


Fucking HELL!!! !
That is not photoshopped....that actually could be the biggest book ever made! This is insane! Not only does the size blow me away, but you KNOW that the pages here undoubtedly feature awesome images....god damn!!!
Do you reckon i could read it with google earth?

Aurélien Arbet, Jérémie Egry, Marco Barrera, Nicolas Poillot
3360 pages, Hard cover, Black and white. printed in France
Currently exposed at Galerie Kamchatka - 23 rue Charles V - Paris 4ème

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Better off Dead...

...are back with a new zine, and only £2! Get it HERE

Pen & Pixel interview

If you read this blog then you hopefully know how much I genuinly LOVE Pen & Pixel...and now theres a great interview surfaced. Catch it here.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


As announced 2009 is the year POWERBASTARD PUBLISHING is born, a joint venture between me and James Pearson Howes.
Very very soon (next week?) we will release the first POWERBASTARD PUBLISHING release...a set of 3 x signed A1 James Pearson Howes Xerox prints on coloured paper. There will only be 20 of these sets for sale, at a credit crunch friendly price of only £20 (worldwide postage included) super limited, high quality and very very keep checking back for the headsup
PS image below is a close up of a larger image (NOT FINAL IMAGE)

Brue Killers

Skateboards just got better...what is this evolution in deck design??? new shape? new materials? No. Something more essential to any self respecting skater...a bottle opener built in to the deck...
Thanks to Chimp for the link!

Automatic Books

Great shit brewing in Venice on the zine front...graveyards and Japanese Rockabillies? How do they know me so well???

Automatic Books

Cum KK

Cum was a collective that came (no pun intended) out strong a few years ago in the hey day of streetart, blowing up and working on porn pictures for the streets...i never really paid much attention but having caught up with what they have been upto in the last few years via their website, i have to say they have turned into something very awesome and i feel like a schmuck for missing out!...dirty, grimy, messe-esque...i love what they're doing...
The reason why i rediscovered their work is that they have just opened a new exhibition in East Londons KK Outlet and i have to check it out asap...and if you cant make it, i suggest checking out their website asap...


Rory from Crystal Vision sent me this...its a short film he made from last year...TECH NOIR!

Church of the open tab

Steve Powers aka ESPO has dropped another in a long line of great installations...Pics here