Sunday, August 2, 2009


exactly two months have passed since my last blog entry...why? why have i been this slack? because i have been working with a tight crew on a top secret project that will hopefully change London...and i can finally let the cat out of the bag...


What is chapter one?

well...its a soon to open gallery in Londons Soho that i will be curating and running with three good friends. We have signed a lease for a minimum of 18 months, it has two floors and a little bit of space out the back and we are fully in it for the long haul...We are opening its doors at the end of September 2009, and we plan on making London interesting again...bringing the passion and old school skateboard shop vibe (somewhere where you can come and relax, hang out and get nerdy) back to what is frankly a street art / over inflated money orientated london art scene (although to be fair there are a few decent galleries around)...basically we want to let the good art come through...not the hyped bullshit...Chapter One is going to be a space to get the hottest zines, news and see the best artists and will be the physical version of this blog and so so so much more - big things are in the pipeline!
keep your eyes peeled here for news and flyers...and i want everyone to come and say hi!

PS everyone who has sent me zines or emails....a thousand apologies if I havent replied yet but i have been stupidly busy! i know thats no SORRY!