Sunday, December 3, 2006


A few weeks back the Dilly was asked by Mike from Goldtooth (dude) to help out in putting on a paint session. It was called 'Upside down looking up' and we got it going on in the Dragon bar.
It started life when we heard Lister was in town (for his exhibition) and wanted to paint with some locals. Needless to say thats all we needed to call in the troops, and we also got some fellow australian artists to pop down to have a friendly clash of countries.
It was a great weekend of painting, and a nice opening, and heres a few pictures for those that didnt make it down. More pictures when the fully live dilly website creaks into life (3007?)

Big thanks to MJAR, and all the artists - esp Steve fromRinzen who came all the way from Berlin (and in thanks then to Puma too!)....

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