Thursday, December 14, 2006


stuck for xmas presents for la familia? try these....

1.Pick a Winner DVD

top notch mind fuck dvd featuring paper rad animations rocking to the sounds of the locust and lightning bolt. Beats the queens speech or only fools and horses
Order here
TRY ALSO - 'wassup rockers', pirate dvds from Hackney tescos (casino royale, jackass2, pans labyrinth = £10 & perfect quality...sweet!)

2. 'Its all good' by Boogie BOOK

Throw that tea stained radio times at granny, grab the port and settle down for a look round some grimey photos or some grim places...but amongst it all, the good will out...sometimes. essential
Order here
TRY ALSO - poch and rock (see first blog post), surface2airs FLIP THE SCRIPT or castles and christians by j penry

3. Stick it ZINES

my good friend Pedor rocks zines really hard, and getting the ERS...well its a no brainer for stocking filler really is it?
Order here
TRY ALSO - fudge factory, johnny ryans COMIC HOLOCAUST

4.Plastic Little. MUSIC

OK, xmas needs new beats to get you going at work parties. This year, for many, was ruled by diplo, spankrock and all that...well these guys are the follow up, art students go un-pc rap...but done well. Cop the espo covered 12" for the 'now i holler track'...this has been out for a few minutes, but those that didnt know - now you know. Follow the link and get the limited ET 7"
Order here
TRY ALSO - mad decent mix cd, 'milk of human kindness' by caribou LP (£1 in fopp..every house should have it)

5.Do the right thing.MISC

OK so you want a stocking filler...well how about doing something good with your money? for less than the price of a pint (£3 average) a month you can help a cool beast like a tiger or a rhino. Ive got an monkey. Really. i do.
Order here
TRY ALSO - new gear from skullphone, mysterious al new prints...SAVING YOUR CASH FOR 2007 WHEN THE DILLY DROPS MAGIC

remember xmas isnt just about giving presents...

....its all about getting them

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