Tuesday, December 19, 2006

pushin weight since 88

i like it when people take the other road, the road less travelled, the road that aint safe but is 1000% more exciting. Shoving blank canvases to artists to have a group show has been done a billion times before...yawn...so i like it when people take part and flip it, here is chimps for a recent show...hes taken the staple canvas, and mutated beyond what they were hoping to sell (nice safe image guaranteed to get the cash register ringing)...he has little rooms or scenes for you to view, wrapped in a crazy pysch line drawing topped with a giant flashing 'FUK YOU"...nice!
Lister did something for his recent show in London with cardboard scenes, but i think Chimps taken it in a diffrent direction and did it before he saw/heard Listers piece, which is the important thing, because sometimes great minds really do think alike, chimp wrote a little bit to go with the picture, but i think its not needed as the art does the talking

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