Wednesday, May 23, 2007


sometimes when something has been around for a long time, it kinda gets slept on as people scurry for the next best thing...and this is wrong!!!! SO WRONG! you know its like when bands are overhyped by the time their first album drops, and by their third LP theyre forgotten about because theres some new hipband to love, even though this band is making better music than ever before but they are still puzzingly kinda slept on?
well i kind of feel that with Ekosystem....because I LOVE EKOSYSTEM.
Streetart is on the hush at the moment, as opposed to the last few years where every marketing department was employing some streetart rip off graphic designer (never the actual artists themself oh no!) and every week there was a new shit book out on sticker art by some random person with a digital camera.....and this i think is a good thing for a scene, like skateboarding in the early ninties and hip hop before the wu...things get big, then go underground where shit gets tightened and tweaked, away from the limelight.
I check Ekosystem every day, because there is always something good going on... and you should too!
Eko is a dude, ive only met him briefly once, but he has always been working on the scene, promoting, hosting and actually making art...and well i just wanna big up Ekosystem, because today there is some great stuff there (HNT,Popay, pornofitti) is always the case...


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eko said...

Wow ! THANK YOU for this nice post.
i also read you everyday !

ps: don't forget to send me your payment address -as we had planned- ;-)