Thursday, May 31, 2007


Back in 1945 Walt Disney went to dinner and met Salvador Dali. They were both big fans of each others work, and soon got round to talking about collaborating together on a off Dali went for 8 months sketching and working on the project, which was named 'Destino'.
Destino was pulled because Disney was in bad finances (blame WW2 kids...) and the project, including storyboards and test animations were scrapped....until 2003, when it was finished by Disneys nephew, Roy Edward Disney.
It was premiered in 2003 in a French animation festival, but has been rarely seen (if ever) since...until the Tate stepped in and will show it in their upcoming Dali exhibition.
As a fan of Disney, Disneys pysch clips, surrealism and pyschadelic insane shit, needless to say i'm looking forward to this one...

think Disneys for kids? check this with Sabbath on the soundtrack...

as well as Fantasia, check Alice in Wonderland (of course) and my two non crazy favs - Aristocats (swinging jazz in Paris) and Hercules (Scarfe hotness)

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