Tuesday, May 8, 2007


my gmail has been fucked (excuse the blue language), so i havent been able to check my mail but today i broke through the problem and checked it for the first time in ages and realised that it seems there are more than two of you that read this blog, and my god arent you great!!!
One of the many reasons i say this is is that i got a mail from a super talented guy who i just have to tell you guys about -Stephen Eichhorn...out the blue, a reply to my zine open call and i followed his link and saw the great work this guy is doing...awesome installations and drawings that i just really really like...i think theyre the kinda works that are even better in the gallery than in a jpeg..serious...follow the link and check out some great work. Fingers crossed im going to be getting some zines by him for my little zine market at the end of the month...so now you gotta come!!! Thanks Stephen!


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