Tuesday, January 23, 2007


When i got home from Spains capital i was greeted by a little jiffy envelope full of treasure - some copies of WETWET by Joe83 & ZBK.
Earlier on i posted about their dope show in Prague, and the catalogue that went with it...and they blessed me with a few copies...and all i can say is, if you ever get the chance to grab a copy - DO! it is stone cold DOPE...the kinda shit that i go bananas over...dirty, rough, funny, polaroids, full of style and love of graf...these guys are awesome. On some NLS (Next Level Shit), which is crazy euro pysch melded with copies of style wars and classic disney dvds whilst listening to big daddy kane and sonic youth...im loving it....green and black printed..awesomeawesomeawesome


PS look out for a London show soon thanks to the Dilly!

(dont forget, send your zines to me and ill shove em up here)

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