Tuesday, January 30, 2007

an oldie but a goodie...

one of the highlights of my Madrid trip was catching up with el dudeo eltono (and as usual, all too briefly Nuria). I was telling chimp about this clip....so chimp its for you! i thought if chimp hasnt seen it then some other people might not have caught it yet....criminal!
Eltono works with Nuria, the key and the tuner. The reason why they are some of the best artists working today is that they come out regularly with amazing concepts and productions, that elevate it from simple aesthetic greatness (can you get any better with the basics than colourful lines?)...they constantly amaze and inspire and this is one of their cool little projects....sonic tagging. What is graf if not just repeating your name for onlookers to take in. Well why just write your name when you can constantly play out pre-recorded madrid writers names for the public to hear?

i thoroughly suggest picking up

the stick it zine

rojos book of their work

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