Tuesday, January 23, 2007


just got back from Madrid and the opening of my first solo show, Peel Slowly and See at Subaquatica...
first up i want to say a huge big thank you to Sergio for inviting me, Chimp, Nano y Ezba for their amazing help, and without whom the show wouldnt have been possible...really guys - thank you! I also want to thank Duncan, Richie, Mike, Meds & Mjar for coming out and also to everyone i met (eltono)- thanks for having me! Oh yeah, no bragging, but the opening was busy so thank you to every single person who came!!!
Madrid is awesome, and a really really cool place to be...i really didnt know what to expect but i loved the city, with the grand boulevards and mad nightspots, thoroughly reccomended if youve done Barcelona.
Subaquatica is a cool spot and im really really honoured to have done something there. This year theyve got Bfree and Maya Hayuk doing shows, so they have their shit on point and to have been asked to do something with them is a real honour for me.
Anyways, i had a great time, but it was pure work and then when i could relax it was the opening party which = oblivion and then before i knew it i was on the plane home pining for another day or two out there......and if anyone there is reading this - please send me back my dancing Saddam toy (see picture) and if anyone saw that tv interview with me, let me know how crap it was!!!! hahahahaha VIVA MADRID

heres the main wall...

i could only carry 1 suitcase of stuff, so i did the other wall with some frowsyhq prints

my lifelines...thank you!

i managed to buy a dancing Saddam doll kitted up for hiding in a hole in the ground for only 7 euros...so naturally he guarded the sweets at the opening

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