Sunday, April 1, 2007

Taylor McKimens

I LOVE this guy.
This is why i like doing a blog, so i can share my excitement when i come across something really good.
I remember seeing his installations made out of card (i think in that 'live throught this' deitch book), his stuff like super detailed cars that really blew me away, but then i didnt chase up finding any more about him. Stupid me! I went to my comic shop the other day and picked up a copy of the great THE DRIPS by one Taylor McKimens. The same dude that made those mad installations....this guy is too good. If you can pick up a copy of THE DRIPS - DO IT! If you like david lynch in technicolour then you'll love it. Go to his site and get some extra dripping greatness

THE DRIPS CAN BE GOT HERE (in COMICS section, but surf around and kill that credit card!)

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