Friday, April 20, 2007

Gorillaz RIP.....kind of

One of the best large scale projects of the last decade has to be the Gorillaz...forget the music ( i do ), just look at the mountain of amazing Hewlitt work, the global impact its had and its doesnt take you half a second to realise how special it is. I've always been into his (Hewlitts) work, rather than Damons (and dangermouse / automator) i have mixed feelings about some news thats just broke on there will be no more Gorillaz music.
Now i really dont care about any more tunes, but this does mean no more videos or tight packaging - BOO! However how will they bow out? by a full length animation film and rumours mention one of my heroes - Terry 'fucking' Gilliam - FUCKING HELL! that to me is a dream in heaven - Terry Gilliam and Jaimie


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