Wednesday, April 11, 2007

hahaha FUCK YEAH!

another cheeky theft from Ekosystem (sorry Eko!) but this is totally worth the jail time!
Chas from the London police is perhaps one of the most well known legends walking the globe at the moment. Home in any city, close friends in all ports...the guy is a walking beat classic in modern guise, and i love him for it. Amsterdam is where he hangs his hat (when he's not globe trotting) and this guide is his take on his chosen home. I really can say after discovering Amsterdam with the unexpected help of TLP & Galo when i was over there with Mysterious Al and Ronzo, you really havent done amsterdam without taking in some of their reccomendations...if your going to 'dam check the link

Chas of Dam

PS whens dogs and dinners dropping Chas?

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