Wednesday, April 11, 2007

See you in Liverpool!...

...are words i never thought i would think, let alone put on my blog, but its true...i wanna go to Liverpool...why? because (and i know i say this a lot) one of my favourite artists is having their biggest exhibition in Tate Liverpool in a few months, and i have to witness it.
Who is it? well it is truly (madly & deeply) one of my favourite artists of all time, and is of course the king of british pop art, king of modern icon design, king of collage and canvas, of galleries and records sleeves....PETER BLAKE!
This is a tough post.Im really struggling to write this see how do you describe how and why you love someones art? is it influence - personal and in a historic sense? is it their aesthetic, longevity and width of work? their vision and/or life ethics? i dont know and i tongue tied, or in this case when it comes to blogging, finger tied. I love him, his work always floors me and i will love his shit till the day my lil ticker gives in. VIVA LE BLAKE!

PS i met the chap once and was starstruck for the first and only time. It didnt help i was drunk, but he was kind enough to give me a of those cases of heroes standing the real life encounter and coming off better. I love the man
Follow the link for more information, and ill see you there

Peter Blake at the Tate

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