Monday, February 5, 2007

Children of Men

I hate Clive Owen.
I hate lazy uses of Sigur Ros in adverts .
I hate any film that has 'from the director of Harry Potter....' least i did.
to me Cinema is alongside music as a higher form of art, as i believe a sound or song can convery more emotion than a canvas, and with cinema, matching that perfect song to raise goosebumps with the perfect imagery...well when cinema is done right it can be amazing...and children of men is.
This trailer is cheesy, reveals far too much...and by now your probably overhyped about it...but this film came and went in the UK and last night i got it out from Blockbusters and let me tell you...go see far the most spot on and scary view of where we are heading ive seen in a long it and forget everything youve seen or heard and just enjoy it...and then talk about the fistful of jaw dropping one shots


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mysteriousal said...

Yeah, if you can get past the trailer this looks like a dope flick. I'm gonna check it. Did you spot our boy Insa in the trailer? Look again...