Monday, February 19, 2007


hello all, sorry for the silence, but sometimes things happen in the real world that make getting on the web kinda lesser of a prority so im sorry, but im back and what a show this is going to be! its kinda slipped in London stealth like, but i saw hype about this show when it first dropped in the USA and i was livid i might not have caught it...but thankfully some bright person has brought it to our fair city of trash - London.
Hunter S Thompson, like many, was a shining light in a bland and boring world. The last of his kind, a true spirit, unconfined by normal ways of living. So he wasnt perfect and theres accusations of his fakeness - read sonny bargers autobiography for accusations of hunter when he wrote 'hells angels'...but during his time on this planet, in between writing classics and making classic urban myths he took some great photos, compiled here for the first time in an exhibition (well first time for a show - which is travelling).
As great as this show seems it bugs me that its dates of opening is so short and theres no noise about it. Usually a quiet show is better than overhype, but theres a fine line between word of mouth and NOBODY SEEING IT THROUGH NOT KNOWING ABOUT IT...this happens a bit in this city and it kinda bugs me, whats the point of having a dope show if only you and 4 other people are going to see it? LAME...anyway catch this, but be quick!

GONZO at Michael Hoppen

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