Monday, March 26, 2007


Guess whos been a lucky man with zines recently? ME! That’s who!
Got two nice deliverys of zines t’other day, which always makes me smile, so thanks to both Dist & Bfree...please don’t forget that if you got any zines I could have a look at and pop up here, drop me a line and ill give you my address

First up is two zines by the ever popular (and newest member of the scrawl collective ) DIST – bringing ‘the witching hour’ & ‘ fresh out of that’ zines.
Ive known DIST for a while, from when he used to travel a long way to come to the big smoke to put work up in the finders keepers shows ( that I used to help put on). I was always impressed by his enthusiasm, hard work, volume of output and more importantly hes a really nice guy - a rare thing nowadays (although not that rare if you read this blog – dude this, dude that…), but he was always like me, heavily into zines, so it was nice to get some fresh produce from him through the royal mail. Thanks Dist!

‘fresh...’ features a great neon yellow cover (which doesn’t scan well), and features lots of snaps of his outside work, cardboard heads and chaotic face storms, which if you know the man, you know what im talking about. ‘Witching hour’ has a nice minimal skate cover, that kinda feels like it should be a fugazi/sebadoh film title sequence. This zine features more sketches, thoughts and shows his inspirations – what looks like 50s / early sixties illustration grabbing him, which is always a hot look in my book…and also he does seem to be hitting slogans pretty hard which is a nice twist to his shit…all good stuff and if like/love him youll love these zines.

You know how much I love this guys work, and I know that all cats are gonna be laping him up soon, like cats after an overturned milk float, so get in there now while you can cos this lil baby is super good.
This is his latest classic ‘ I thought this was forever’, which is packed with his work(on lovely paper..ahem, im a zine nerd), both eye melting in colour or N.L.S (Next Level Shit) but also with simple effective lines and humour (Whitney Houston). He basically covers everything, and everything he does cover is awesome. I think this zine is timed to go with his show at Subaquatica, which is a good reason to remind you that you need to go, because if your in Madrid, you really do need to!


Asshole said...

hey, i have a fanzine. The point is that is in spanish. if you want I can send you and you send me something to me. i can translate something in english (my english sucks). i dont know i read the blog...and...ho! is a something like political/personal/desig zine. is called Book Burning.

Asshole said...

hey my mail is if you want. my flog is