Thursday, March 15, 2007


Ol' beaky face Kidman has a new film out, playing Diane Arbus. The reviews are crap, and i bet the film will be (i HATED secretary), but i hope that if it does one thing, its that it will open a few new eyes to her amazing photographic work.
I love her work, despite some against exploiting the 'freaks and outsiders' of the world, she did it with love and heart (get that vice?), and i cant applaud her shit enough, if you dont see the film (and i dont blame you), at least check out her stuff. Shes awesome.


this photo is of some cool kids on the street, her street work is fantastic, but not as fantastic as the kids threads

i think this one was later on in her life when she did work with mental fact you can see where VICE get most of their input from


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