Sunday, March 18, 2007

Med Damon

I love Med. Hes another one of this planets grade-A dudes...he can rock a basement party with his heated cd-r's or just rock a party full stop, but that aint his only/main talent - hell no, he also snaps pictures, and mighty mighty fine they are too....head over to his flickr and see the real East London party scene, non of that cobrasnake/dirtydirtydancing bullshit photoshop models only/ hipster crap, meds is shooting what he sees not what he thinks is cool or will get him the right hook ups like other camera people (i refuse to compare them to artists by using the term photographer)...big ups the Meds
PS i think i did a good job of finding the most opposite subject of the lens from my last post....from africa to east london dances


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