Thursday, March 1, 2007

10 years young

Colette is Paris HQ for all things good. Its always the first stop for me when i touch down in the great city. To me it has one of the best bookshops for picking up art/design stuff ive been to, and add to that big fat tick in the good boxes, they have a great great clothes purchaser and exhibition curator...all this makes for it being an unbeatable store. And it is....
Some Parisians i have spoken to hate it and have told me about Colettes grip on the city, but this happens everywhere when something becomes cool / popular, but to me Colettes success is thatit still seems as fresh and forward looking as ever (they've just been lucky enough to hold a tiny vices group show - lucky lucky), which in this day and age, when internet blogs kill everything in a matter of minutes, well its a tough thing to do and keep up for a decade...
Colettes birthday would guarantee a post here, but the meat in this posting sandwich is the ingrediants that are making their birthday something to watch, salivate and spend over...

- for the art side they have got 10 curators to showcase their finest, and these curators include only Jeffrey Deitch, Aaron Rose, Jamie O'Shea (supertouch) and many others (serpentine etc)!

-a hong kong toy nerds wet dream in Vinyl form - a 1000% bearbrick, with 100 for sale, signed by André, Devilrobots, Brian Damage (aka Perks), Pete Fowler, Futura, James Jarvis, Kaws, Michael Lau, Stash, Will Sweeney (artists who have exhibited in the last 10 years at Colette)! Cry Nerds as you beat each other on Ebay for these! let battle commence!

-March 12th they drop a special package for the first ed banger compilation 'Headbanger All Star' which will feature exclusive Ed Banger special CD + vinyl + sticker set + t-shirt designed by So-Me + jacket patch/transfer. Old st get by your paypal you pack'o'loons!

-Michel Gondry is doing a window installation March 19th-24th, spotlighting the romance from his latest film 'science of sleep' featuring original props and decor...and they're realeasing the world premiere of the collectors DVD of the film. Naughty!

how many 10 year olds can claim that rolecall of greatness for their birthday? most fall into a cake and fight over hulahoops

PS oh yeah and Arkitip are doing a colette special issue too!

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