Sunday, June 17, 2007


I first saw Marcus Oakleys handywork back in an old issue of Lodown, when he used to go under the guise of Mr Werewolf. I was instantly hooked -I was going through a big Beach boys phase at the time (the druggy end phase- 'its about time' 7" on HEAVY rotation)...and i loved that this guy was a fellow Wilson fan...not to mention his handstyle and vision blew me away.
Since that first exposure i have been a keen admirer, and he has not stopped pumping out gold... but the twist is - he just keeps on getting better and better.
He has shown all over the globe, and been involved in many outstanding projects (urethane, banjo to name but a few) and if you havent checked his site yet, do so immediatly and bookmark that shit ...and if you go there, and dont like his stuff, dont log back on this blog again!


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