Tuesday, June 19, 2007


This Dilly blog is my baby, and i love to have somewhere as an outlet for all my nerdy hoardings of info and cool stuff (well i think its cool!)...but this isnt the only place I paste shit on...oh no... I have just started blogging on my third (and probably last) blog...Australias awesome Monster Children Gallery. These guys dont fuck about, they print magick, they put on hot shows (espo, ease, french, gomes, with Giant coming up)...so its a realy big honour to mess up their site with my ramblings...so hit up their site....but also NEVER FORGET L@@K R@RE! the other big blog giving the internet a bad name....
PS mo' blogs dont = mo' problems, it justs means shit is gonna get better!

L@@K R@RE!


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