Thursday, June 21, 2007

Backjumps 2007 FINAL REPORT

Last one from the Chimp...well done, and cant wait to see the final result!

"FUCK I´M TIRED! finished my corridor at 5am this morning. today I´m in a daze. sat around talking to SKKI for a while, very interesting conversation about life and art. but I just told an interviewer, for the second time, to go away, can´t deal with talking to people. I want to make a false beard from pasta. it´s raining so hard its untrue. Chaz TLP just called. he´s in a hotel across the street with Fortress, but they can´t leave for fear of drowning. Nomad is blowing up ballons. Mode2 didn´t arrive yet, and he has a lot to paint. Zevs seems to be showing the Lavvaza kidnap thing, which I find a little disappointing as it´s a few year old. There is a lot of film stuff. Blu has nearly completed one complete circuit of the room with his animation painting. it´s incredible - the bigger he paints the faster he gets! Akims installation is great. what is interesting for me is how the majority of artists work is very un-"graffiti", and the people showing more traditional graf, well, it just looks tired and dated. I guess this is an art show, not a graffiti show. oh, and the catalogue for the show looks great too.

gonna call a girl now. peice out(side)"

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