Monday, June 18, 2007

Backjumps 2007 report No.Drie (your eyes)

From the Chimp...

"I´m sitting in the office with Nomad

We´re drinking tea made out of African womens pubic hair

And waiting to get laid

or paid

or both

I´m fucking up everything today so I will be painting forever.

A note of the screen says Ash from Copenhagen arrives 22:25 heute von Schonefeld ubber alles

I hear Blu´s voice. He greets someone who just arrived

I asked a pretty blonde student to send you some photos as I don´t have anything interesting to say

bye bye von Berlin


The photo is by Karoline Haasters (again!), but blogger is fucking up today and messed up the colours, so this isnt as the photo should be, but i like!

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