Friday, June 15, 2007

Aliens last night...

I was a HUGE fan of the Beta band..they hit all the right buttons for me - they were into the same music as I was (Link wray to Method man, Pretty things to Can), and I loved their music..I loved their focus on DIY music and artwork, and overall vision...the whole stinking lot.
When they split due to record company extreme ass fucking i was a little bit sad, but glad they might be able to get away from horrible debt once and for all...and besides, ill always have the three EPs cd at hand
Then came King Biscuit Time, with his amazing first EP..but the album came and went, and it seemed that was it for the Beta band....until The Aliens!
Comprising of various members of aforementioned great band...the new band are simply awesome...and last night i saw them at ULU and they were fantastic - they are amazingly fun live , can play the fuck out of their instruments (a rendition of 'Caravan' that lasted for what seemed like 15 minutes was like Can meets Sabbath at '11') and the true meat of the gig consisted of a fantastic back catalogue of singalong, throw-your-watery -beer-in-the-air, anthem s- and they have only dropped their first LP! AMAZING!...check them out if you like the beta band or beck (in a way they fuse hip hop sixties pysch and much more in a amazingly catchy way)..dilly gives TWO THUMBS UP

One of the reasons i wanted to blog this, was before they went on they showed on stage a film they made...about them being maintenance on star trek deep space nine, and what happens when they get stoned, spill red wine, disable the starship and listen to hendrix..its reason like this, thats why i love 'em
The Aliens - Maintenance

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their first single ROBOT MAN

classic beta band

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