Saturday, June 16, 2007

Backjumps 2007 report No.Eine

Backjumps is one of the worlds longest running (three years!) and best regular 'urban art' installation festivals (i HATE the term 'urban art', can someone come up with a new term please?).
This year they have some great people doing shit - Blu, Downey, HuskMitNavn, Zevs, Nomad to name a few...and my friend Dave the Chimp.
Dave is over there, in Berlin and is going to send us sporadic reports back, reports on the festival from the front line....and heres part one...THANKS CHIMP!

"Greetings from the office at Backjumps 2007
I just made the worst coffee ever, which Herr Brad Downey und Ich are now swilling with disgust.
"I´m going to punch (the gallery director) in the face next time I see him" says Brad, who is still waiting for his materials to arrive, and his assistant.
Last night we ate dope organic burgers and then hung out on Nico´s rooftop.
It`s Saturday. Non stop work for the Chimp, 10 hours a day, painting both sides of a 40 metre long, 5 metre high corridor. But it´s cool, my assistant Katie is working super hard, and Carol and Nico have both helped lots too.
"Schön" is the comment of 95% of the cats that walk past, aged between 3 and 50.
The kids love it.
Berlin rules. Apart from a thunderstorm last night the weather has been beautiful, super hot and sunny. The girls are also super hot. But the people here should smile more - they have it good. It`s cheap, the food is good, the apartments are big, the streets are wide, little traffic, a cycling heaven. quit ya whining and enjoy the city, fools!!!
Right, I gotta go tie a paintbrush to a pole and start painting.
Peace from the East (Germany)
Party is next Friday (22nd) so get all yo asses here alter!

Dave the Chimp, Kreuzburg, Berlin

p.s. Nomad und Ich have been asked to make a "performance" at the after show party... oh shit... "

below is an actual photo taken of chimp looking at his piece

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