Friday, June 29, 2007

Je Suis Une Bande De Jeunes

JE SUIS UNE BANDE DE JEUNES according to Babelfish means 'I AM A BAND OF YOUNG PEOPLE', its also a track by Renaud Sechan ('Laisse Beton'), but what it REALLY means is a dopedopedope new website hitting it hard from France.
JE SUIS UNE BANDE DE JEUNES was created by 3 friends, J√ČREMIE.E, NICOLAS.P & MARCO.B with the idea of a website that would show "Photos of everyday life, often not very well framed or against the light, photos of trips, of meetings, of friendship... Photos without big interest, free and just witnesses of a time past. The idea was simple, gather and present on a same page some portfolios of friends."
The website is hot, but they also put out hot zines as well. They have an new online exhibition of Polaroids you gotta check out called 'Heavens know im miserable now', featuring Dilly friends Landry and Joe83...but features many other great photographers.
France heating things up!

Get over to the website now!

photo by Marco B

photo by Jeremie E

The zine 'Les choses vont aller mieux'

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